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Are You Preparing Your Body For Summer Holidays?

Summer is almost here…Prepare yourself in advance!

It’s time for summer slenderizing or just bumping off that little extra we seemed to gather this past winter. A seasonal detox is needed to ‘clear’ the systems and thus assist in good riddance of toxic waste and render all these systems clear to go. Imsyser will not make you lose weight unless managed as a part of good lifestyle changes. Often it merely means loosening and dumping of anything up to 7 kg’s of toxic mucoidal plaque lining the gut to assist in making the right shift?!

The Imsyser 3 step product kit is designed to assist in:

  1. A 7 day deep intestinal cleanse to remove the toxic layer of even simply may be used. Especially with children as a good general ‘bulker’ for those that do not get enough fiber in their diet. In this case not using the product as 7 day detox might mean only using 1 t – 1 T over many days in some juice and water. No laziness of the gut is to be detected with continued use and seeing it believing what might be lining that gut anyway!!
  1. A daily probiotic is advised for all the good health reasons and weight loss is not excluded in this! This product once opened might last up to 2 months in its 12 strain form! A superior product for ALL ages! Clinical studies prove effective weight management with a daily dose of probiotics.
  1. Last but not least a COMPLETE immune supporting product that is literally up to 11 supplements in one for the price of one , that serves ALL ages. If you are nutritionally deplete your cells will continue to send our brain messages that we are hungry!! NOT SO!! You are nutritionally deplete.

As always are you active enough?

Enough sunshine? This makes huge difference!

Are you thirsty! Stay hydrated and see the weight come off! Remember to add that dash of lemon juice for noticeable differences!

No sugar!! Sugar is enemy no 1!!

And for more on the other detoxes see the Imsyser Parasite and Candida Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, and Kidney Cleanse. I said total seasonal detox and see and feel the difference!

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