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Are you Moody Lately?

Looking for the latest Mood Booster?

Imsyser’s Immune stabiliser tablet has this one amino acid, Tyrosine which makes not only the brain tick best but also forms part of a wholefood nutritional supplement that benefits the whole body in many capacities.  

How to sharpen your mind?

There are several supplements that can help. But today I’d like to focus on one that gets neglected…tyrosine. Tyrosine is an essential amino acid that very few supplements naturally contain unless of wholefood nature. Tyrosine is important for brain function and thyroid hormone production. It is a necessary component for your body to make dopamine, which regulates your brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Dopamine is crucial for memory and motor skills.

More about Tyrosine

Tyrosine is naturally created by your body from a different amino acid called phenylalanine. But you can also get it through your diet…mainly high-protein foods.

The benefits of Tyrosine:

•             Memory improvement. Working memory involves the ability to concentrate and follow      instructions.

•             Improved cognitive flexibility. That’s the ability to quickly switch between mental tasks. The tyrosine subjects had superior cognitive flexibility compared to placebo subjects.

•             Better mental function under stress. Researchers found that the amino acid seems to “effectively enhance cognitive performance”…especially in “short-term stressful and/or cognitively demanding situations.”

•             Depression relief. Depression is a result of dopamine deficiency.

•             More alertness.

Imsyser as your favoured choice

All our health products originated for the purpose of supporting optimal balanced Immune Health through a healthy gut functioning, and are intended to form a well-balanced, stabilized body condition. All the essential 22 Amino Acids, 11 essential Minerals, 11 Essential Vitamins and a supply of natural Omega 3,6 & 9( in its complete state) form part of this unique design. THIS IS A WHOLEFOOD PRODUCT and therefore allows for optimal (100%) absorption with optimal output in the form of increased NATURAL ENERGY all day long.

During 2002, Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tablets was formulated, streets ahead of its competitors. A truly ground-breaking product design, still ahead of its competitors understanding modern day ‘dis-eases’ such as those auto-immune by nature.  AND …..Imsyser is a 100% natural product. A powerful, energy releasing tablet, truly unique in its design as it quite simply restores balance from within by gently doing a cellular detox whilst still supplying all the essentials for a healthy functioning Immune System. Imsyser was designed to support optimal health and ‘dis-ease’ prevention and not mere symptom alleviation…

All ages may use the product with/without the assistance of your health advisor since it is a 100 % natural product and safe to use with all other chronic medications. Since it restores balance and health at the root level of the ‘dis-ease’, relief from ‘dis-ease’ symptoms might be experienced quite quickly. A ground-breaking product.

So be the issue favorable mental health or quite simply the best energy releasing super wholefood needed for optimal immunity, Imsyser has it! Simply call 086 010 3859

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