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Are you Healthy Ready for Winter…?

Healthy Winter Readiness

If you’d like to have more energy, a better memory, and even better skin tone … or if you’d like to stop cold hands and feet, the key is to have healthy circulation especially with Winter on its way. Without good circulation, you may get tired and run out of breath quickly because your heart has to pump harder to get your blood moving.

You may get cold hands and feet, because blood can hardly reach your fingers and toes. You may suffer from memory problems, because of insufficient blood supply to your brain. And you may even suffer from skin discoloration and unflattering skin tone, because of a lack of blood flow to your skin.

At Imsyser Health our new discovery can boost your circulation from head to toe, even to tiny capillaries where blood is hard to reach!

Chaya your best Circulation for 2019

Because we have seen the positive impact Chaya has had on many of our customers, it is our mission to create awareness of this underexploited (but well researched) plant and get its products into the hands of the people who will benefit most from it.

Many universities from different countries have done research on this unique plant. The plant has “exceptional nutritional value”. It contains essential amino acids and many vitamins and minerals. Twenty phyto-chemotypes with different therapeutic activities have been revealed in Chaya. This one plant product is not only highly nutritious but in doing that optimises your iron levels so doing increasing your natural energy. Higher Iron also ensure reduced resultant anaemia especially with younger menstruating girls.

The super antioxidant effect of the Chaya also allows for healthy daily heavy metal detox which makes this supplement unique over and above the other huge benefits as classically seen by our clients using the Chaya range.   

The added Benefits of taking Chaya

  • Improved sugar metabolism
  • Improved fat metabolism……making it great for weight-loss and Diabetes, as well your related heart issues.
  • Improved circulation also helping the Diabetics and weight-loss candidates including all your circulatory issues including eyesight and tingling hand and feet.
  • Improved circulation always allows for better healthier skin, complexion, blood flow & brain health and overall health.

For more on this amazing product please call Imsyser Health +27 86 010 3859

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