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Are Parasites involved in Cancer?

Dr Clark and understanding Parasites Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanses have been around for years! They eliminate more than 120 species of parasites without the difficult side effects of pharmaceuticals. These parasite cleanses are also used in her cancer protocols. And I always suggest that all underlying health issues be dealt with this unknown treatment. If…


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Parasite cleanse

Dr Clark and understanding Parasites

Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanses have been around for years! They eliminate more than 120 species of parasites without the difficult side effects of pharmaceuticals. These parasite cleanses are also used in her cancer protocols. And I always suggest that all underlying health issues be dealt with this unknown treatment. If in doubt and you find no solution to your ailment, go back to basics.

What about Parasites?

Parasites can cause great damage to the human body, weakening our Immune System as they leach away on our nutrition sources and eventually cause disease. This is why even though it is quite normal for parasites to cycle through our bodies, it is very important to eliminate them on a regular basis.

Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites!

Best of the Best Anti-Parasite herbs as per Dr Clark

Even though many herbs have anti-parasitic properties, Dr. Clark discovered that three herbs alone can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without any interference with any drug that you are already on!

  1. BLACK WALNUT HULLS:  Used by the Indians of America as an anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal remedy. Its active ingredients are juglone, tannin and iodine. The tincture of the green hulls of the black walnut kills the adult stages of the parasites.
  2. WORMWOOD:  Known for its vermicidal properties and helps those with a weak and under-active digestion. It increases the acidity of the stomach and the production of bile. The wormwood capsules kills the larval stages of the parasites
  3. COMMON CLOVES: Anti-parasitical, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It also removes pain. The cloves capsules removes the parasite eggs.

These three herbs must be used together but as separate ingredients. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment.

Dying parasites release their toxins such as ammonia. Ornithine and arginine are two natural amino acids that detox ammonia. It is important to take Ornithine and arginine together with the parasite cleanse. They help the body free itself from excessive nitrogen. Further they protect the liver from damage caused by medications and chemicals and stimulate the regeneration of the liver. They strengthen the Immune defense.

Dr Clark’s Programme:

Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength

Wormwood capsules (200-300mg of wormwood per capsule)

Cloves capsules (500mg per capsule)

Arginine (500mg per capsule)

Ornithine (500mg per capsule)


Take the recommended amount in 1/2 cup of water. Sip it on an empty stomach such as before a meal. Sip it, don’t gulp it. Add sweetening and flavouring to help it go down if you have a hard time swallowing it, or you may stir it into fruit sauce. Get it down within 15 minutes.

The maximum dose kills any remaining stages throughout the body, including the bowel contents, a location unreachable by a smaller dose or by electric current. The alcohol in the tincture can make you slightly woozy for several minutes. Simply stay seated until you are comfortable again. You may put the tincture in lukewarm water to help evaporate some of the alcohol, but do not use hot water because that may damage the parasiticide power. Then take niacinamide 500mg to counteract the toxicity of the alcohol. You could also feel a slight nausea for a few minutes. Walk in the fresh air or simply rest until it passes.

For a year: Take 2 tsp. Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength every week or until your illness is but a hazy memory. This is to kill any parasite stages you pick up from your family, friends, or pets.

Family members and friends should take 2 tsp. every other week to avoid reinfecting you. They may be harbouring a few parasite stages in their intestinal tract without having symptoms. But when these stages are transmitted to someone who has had cancer, they immediately seek out the unhealed organ to continue multiplying.

You may be wondering why you should wait for five days before taking the large dose. It is for your convenience only. You may have a sensitive stomach or be worried about toxicity or side effects. By the sixth day you will have convinced yourself there is no toxicity or side effect.

Going faster. In fact, if you are convinced after the first drop of the restorative powers of the tincture, take the large dose on the very first day.

Going slower. On the other hand, if you cringe at the thought of taking an herb or you are anxious about its safety, continue the drops, increasing at your own pace, until you are ready to brave the decisive large dose.


Take according to the handy chart. You take the capsules all in a single dose (you may take a few at a time until they are all gone). You take 7 capsules once a week forever, as it states in the Maintenance Parasite Program. Try not to get interrupted before the 6thday, so you know the adult intestinal flukes are dead. After this, you may proceed more slowly if you wish. Many persons with sensitive stomachs prefer to stay longer on each dose instead of increasing according to this schedule. You may choose the pace after the 6th day.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and infants should not take wormwood.


Grocery store ground cloves do not work! They have lost their parasitic power a long time ago. Take according to handy chart.


Start by taking ornithine, 2 at bedtime on the first night you get it. Take 4 ornithines the second night. Take 6 ornithines at bedtime on the third night. After this take 4 or 6 ornithines at bedtime every night until you are sleeping soundly. Then go off ornithine and see whether your sleep is as good without it. It is not habit forming.


Taking ornithine at bedtime may give you so much energy the next day that you don’t need to take arginine in the morning. But if going off caffeine (recommended) has you dragging yourself through the morning, take one arginine upon rising and another before lunch and supper. It can make you a bit irritable. Cut back if this happens.

There is no interference with any medication and arginine and ornithine. There is no need to stop any treatment that a clinical doctor or alternative therapist has started you on, provided it is solvent free.

Imsysers’ Parasite Cleanse formula

Since we know the rest of our clients are not necessarily battling with chronic diseases and or cancer but realise the value of doing a regular seasonal parasite detox, Imsyser to the rescue. Imsyser has a parasite cleanse taken over at least 10 days:


I believe more than ever before with modern day toxic issues doing a seasonal detox, parasites, liver, kidneys, intestinal and heavy metal is more important than ever before.

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