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Are Parasite the underlying cause to Dis-ease?

Are Parasite the underlying cause to Dis-ease?

In the past as it was

In the past it was determined that certain parasites were involved in certain cancers. And sadly, the modern trend of thinking is that somehow modern-day man cannot possibly be affected by parasites and worms and all those ugliest that surely we only see in the darkest of Africa!! And even worst of all it is a natural facet of the healing process (detoxing) that is hardly ever dealt with oncologists.

So what is it about Parasites then?

Nowadays researchers are more and more understanding the possible linkage of parasites to cancer and more often than not, when deeper research is done, if you be so lucky with a holistic investigation into diseases that just don’t seem to clear up, you will find parasites to be at the causal angle of the underlying condition. I have seen this in numerous conditions and simply said if you look at most modern day diets and the levels of processing I am not surprised when Listeria creeps in. or just look at the addiction of even the big sushi eaters.

And then more seriously the ages at which even babies are being fed sushi. The real truth behind sushi is often not even the raw fish so much as the ‘health’ of the rice. The amount of parasites and all kinds in rice especially that older than 1 day is quite scary.

On this last note…

Why do doctors not allow pregnant moms to not only not eat sushi but all fish when pregnant? This leaves much food for thought doesn’t it.

Dr Clark, specialist in this field

Dr. Clark who in her years as a very well-known, health practitioner, was known worldwide for her studies on parasites and their connection to disease. She did extensive research on their involvement in cancer. She was ridiculed and today is still slandered extensively on the internet, but being a scientist before her time and an out-of-the-box thinker, nothing stopped her from continuing her research and placing it in the public domain. Because of Dr. Clark’s commitment and determination, so many have and are benefiting today.

Dr. Clark’s: The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers“

This book is an update of “The Prevention of all Cancers” book and contains her last research on cancer. In this book, she revealed that cancer is not a one-cause disease, but rather is formed by a “cancer complex” that includes various partners acting together. Dr. Clark found cancer is — not surprisingly — a complex mechanism, involving factors from environmental toxins to toxins produced in the human body by certain pathogens to parasites, fungi and bacteria. But unlike other researchers, Dr. Clark did not hide behind the enumeration of dozens of “possible contributors” but named the exact factors that can be found in EVERY case of cancer and in EVERY tumor.

Cancer or all Dis-eases

Well I have always said that these minuscule creatures have far more clout than we realize. I always tell my clients that the best case of prevention is always to make sure all is good at least seasonally. I always suggest a 10 – 14 day parasite cleanse just to make sure followed up with a good deep intestinal cleanse, liver flush and kidney flush to ensure all systems are risk free. Is it too much to ask knowing the unique relationship between these organisms, modern day toxicity and huge acidity issues playing havoc with Candida and more, not too just do a couple of regular flushes seasonally (that is 4 times a year!)

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