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Apples: The Fabulous Fruit for Fighting Fat

And various opninions thereon….

Apples are the top choice of fruits for diet gurus like Nicholas Perricone, MD, Dr. Simeon and Eric Berg, DC. Apples have five grams of fiber, both soluble and insoluble kinds. The soluble fiber, known as pectin, can decrease the appetite for up to four hours. Even though apples are sweet, they stabilize the blood sugar. This is due not only to their fiber content, but also phloreitin, a flavonoid-type, blood-sugar-stabilizing phytonutcanstock8692547rient found exclusively in apples. Apples also contain anti-inflammatory and anticancer phytonutrients. Finally, apples are high in potassium, which helps rid the body of water-retaining sodium.

Dr. Simeon’s weight loss protocol also requires eating a minimum of two organic apples every day! “This will help regulate blood sugar, reduce appetite, and increase cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, and colon”

Dr. Berg encourages people to eat as many apples as he or she can throughout the day! He points out that when juiced, however, they increase the fat-storing insulin. But a whole apple is rich in fiber. Apples are also high in potassium, which helps lower insulin and helps reduce water weight from excess sodium in the diet.

Dr. Stutman calls apples a “natural hunger suppressant,” explaining how the pectin in apples “suppresses your appetite by tricking your brain’s hunger center into believing that you are full, when all you’ve really eaten is one delicious apple”

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