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“Another Challenging Perspective From Graham Le Sar”

Sharing another challenging perspective but ringing true in so many statements. So here’s sharing “”Another challenging perspective from Graham Le Sar…

Picture the scene. Its five o’clock in the afternoon, you’re sitting your car at the exit to the parking of your building in the process of driving home. Oh my goodness, I have to turn right here against the flow of traffic. Won’t somebody please let me in? What if the flow never lets up? Oh good – thank you. Phew. First obstacle overcome; next robot I must turn right again – oh no! Against the flow again, I’ll never get across. The traffic is so fast – jerk you jumped the robot, now I’ll have to wait for the robot to change again. Same to you buddy! Finally, off we go, jumped the queue, ha ha! Right next obstacle at the end of the block; right again – who designed this city – all these one way streets, drive a body crazy? Oh good, green flashing arrow, this one’s easy. What’s that, accident on the M1 North! The pile up will be ‘disastrous’. Alternate route? Which one? Down Oxford: at this time of day? Jan smuts? Even worse. Oxford then – best of a bad choice. Never get home in time. Late again! Come on! Come on! Why do I always pick the slow lane, whichever lane I pick? Old tonsil with a bullet proof, blue rinse, bee hive. Should have known! That and a hat, can’t trust them – and a red Merc or a green BMW, no end to ambushes! Good, on my way, Next street left – or is right better? Oh no! Not again…

Absurd? You bet!

Contrast that scene with this. “What do I have to do to win Daddy?” says little Tovaye, six years old at the time, referring to the brand new Monopoly game she is enthusiastically unpacking onto the lounge coffee table. “You buy up all the properties and put a hotel on each one – watch and see,” is my simplistic reply. “Ok!” she says trusting and supremely confident of her ability, not only to learn the game, but to win as well.

The next thing I know, after giving her a little head start, she has bought up the entire board and is well on her way to putting a hotel on each property. All sorts of scarcity issues raise their heads – things I thought I had dealt with and moved on, resurface – but that is another story for another Tuesday. She creamed me of course – beginners luck? Not likely, just uncanny ‘’luck’’ with a dice and trust in herself and that I, her ‘Universe surrogate’ of the moment, would not steer her wrong.

She set her intention – to win, just buy up all the properties and put a hotel on each, and did it. No fear, no anxiety, no hesitation. She just did it. Asking for help as and when she needed it, calmly confident that she would get it and that it would be what she needed to support her success. No doubt, no hesitation, just choice and action. Can I buy it? Not enough money at the moment. OK next time. How much is a hotel? You must put a house on first. No I want a hotel! And all done so sweetly and graciously – I hope the ‘Chance’ card is a good one for you this time Daddy.

Contrast Process versus Intention.

Fixating on Process gets us embroiled in the complexity and detail of the thing. With our noses firmly pressed against the coalface we lose sight of the bigger picture. We literally can’t see the wood for the trees. We become caught up in a web of details, intricate decisions, complex problems and thorny issues. We lose sight of our objective and become trapped in the loop of the HOW of the thing. We end up doing and doing in a panicky frenzy of doing for doing’s sake.

Focusing on Intention allows us to be creatively strategic about the thing. Detail is important but only as a means to making creative decisions about our next step. With our desired outcome firmly in mind, we are able to use our creativity to skillfully negotiate the complexities and maintain our chosen course; almost effortlessly progressing towards our goal. Able to use whatever comes up as a means to achieving our end. Obstacles become assets as we focus on the WHY and the WHAT of the thing. We succeed by taking authentic action on our next step, and the one after, and the one after, towards the successful conclusion of the thing. Trusting the ‘Universe’ to guide and support us in our chosen journey.

Process is important because we must have a plan, but the plan is only important as long as it serves the purpose. Many of us are inclined to cling to the plan no matter what; seeing the plan as a sort of life raft to cling to when the sea gets rough. Sometimes the life raft is caught in the current which is rapidly taking you away from your goal. Sometimes trusting and letting go of the life raft allows you to catch the next wave to shore.

Obstacles are part of the journey to achieving your goals. Obstacles are like bugs on the window after a long journey – they let you know that you are moving. Yet so often when we meet an obstacle we take it as ‘feedback’ that the goal is not for us.

Obstacles don’t mean that your goal is wrong. External circumstances don’t make our intentions or goals wrong. The goal doesn’t have to change but maybe the plan is flawed – it has to be. No plan, no matter how carefully researched can take into account every shifting detail. Your plan is about your ‘structure of knowing’ at the time of designing the plan. Stuff happens! Change is inevitable.

Commit to your Intention. Take authentic action based upon what you know, but be flexible enough to shift with the changing landscape. Be willing to update your map.

Set your Intention! Commit! Trust! Act in the moment! Be flexible! – How can you lose?

How about you?

What do you have to do to win…

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