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An Unhealthy Gut Is Asking For Disease

An unhealthy gut is asking for disease!!! If there is a supply of rotting, decaying waste or even hard encrusted matter lining the gut you are in trouble!! You are slowly poisoning your own health

Constipation is problem no 1. If you have been feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, irritated, and overweight, please pay attention . Even the opposite – diarrhoea or bowel spasms is a warning sign!! Rather than taking chronic laxatives, antacids or any other drugs, the ideal way to cure these disorders is to get to the heart of the problem. FIX IT, don’t covering it up. A healthy, mobile digestive tract is essential to a healthy body.

This toxic build-up does not only prevent essential nutrient uptake but also prevents effective toxic release across this same barrier allowing this toxic sludge to line the gut wall and eventually a slow leak into the bloodstream? Metabolic Syndrome waiting to happen…. And we wonder why auto-immune diseases sky rocket and we feel the way we do ALL DAY!!

If your diet is not up to scratch you need to look at a few steps to assist this toxic release -we need to focus on eating/using more fibre, which will move waste along and avoid this stagnation. Remember with bulking up we need more water or at least enough water. GOOD LIVING WATER.  If you are not into bulking then try the 7 Day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse to optimise this bulking up with its core ingredient – Psyllium Husk.

To assist in easy movement this amazing product has a natural ingredient – slippery elm – and various other herbs have been added to help in this regard. Not only is easy ‘release’ assisted but also the breaking up and release of this encrusted matter as well as the neutralisation of this toxic release.  We do suggest in chronic constipation cases that a little prune or aloe juice be added for the initial assistance in movement.

Do not do laxatives which not only make the gut lazy over a period of time but also cause massive bursts of release with it the release of all the naturally existing good bacteria that manage the balance in the gut.  They can also block your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Both fibre and natural phytonutrients can remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the intestine, before they are reabsorbed into your body’s tissues. Drugs can’t do that. It is all about balance!

You want to seek a healthy balance between stools that are too firm versus too loose.

This balance extends to the ever-important bacteria in your colon. After a round, say, of antibiotics, your intestinal flora are disrupted. Antibiotics kill bad bacteria, but they wipe out “friendly” bacteria too. You’ll need probiotic supplements to restore the friendly ones, whose positive elements are felt all across the body. For this purpose the amazing 12 STRAIN Liquid Pre- & Pro-biotic with Natural Digestive Enzymes was developed. See more on these amazing products at or feel free to call 086 010 3859 and speak to Dianne in this regard.

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