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An Article We All Want To Hear!! Dark Chocolate Hidden Truths

Sharing this article and I believe it is news we all WANT TO HEAR!!!

“Dark chocolate that is more than 70% cacao is high in a special compound called theobromine, and theobromine has been shown to have some unique fat loss properties.

For one, it helps with appetite control and suppression, so you’ll likely find that eating just a square or two of high cacao concentration dark chocolate that you crave less sweets and aren’t as hungry… two pretty solid benefits if you have a sweet tooth, or even if you don’t.

Moreover, theobromine has also been shown to mobilize fatty acids from fat cells to the blood stream to be burned as energy, similar to caffeine, but without the stimulatory effect on the nervous system and “jittery” feelings that some experience with caffeine use.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of theobromine was discovered in a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in March of 2005 where researchers found significant insulin sensitivity benefits associated with the naturally-occurring theobromine found in high cacao dark chocolate.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a little something sweet, grab a square of dark chocolate.  Of course, don’t go crazy…the stuff still packs fat, sugar, and calories when eaten in more sizeable amounts, but a square or two will still yield the benefits mentioned above at only about 50 calories.”

Now is this not just a nice solution to that sweet problem late at night!!!

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