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Allergies Your Everyday Torment?

“All disease begins in the gut” It is a commonly known truth that “All disease begins in the gut” and more importantly that all modern- day autoimmune discrepancies as with Allergies literally also starts in the gut. Thus, it would mean that to resolve any of these autoimmune issues we need to zoom in on…


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“All disease begins in the gut”

It is a commonly known truth that “All disease begins in the gut” and more importantly that all modern- day autoimmune discrepancies as with Allergies literally also starts in the gut. Thus, it would mean that to resolve any of these autoimmune issues we need to zoom in on gut health and understanding the underlying gut issues and how to deal with them is THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE!

Our modern, technologically advanced lifestyles come with perks like life-saving breakthroughs in emergency medicine, instantaneous long-distance communication and everyday conveniences that we wouldn’t know how to live without! On a more serious note the very cell phone that creates this convenience is one of the biggest reasons we deal with toxic issues and are more prone to cancers than ever before. Sad but true!!


Reason No 1: Going on however, our lives have become increasingly busy, stressful and removed from nature especially in South Africa where we are hampered by security issues where a walk becomes your potentially stressful event!

Reason No 2: We also eat highly processed, genetically modified, pesticide-ridden foods, on the go and very seldom it to a home prepared meal where family is the reason, slowly chewing our food and doing family interaction.

Reason No 3: We also know that exercise is fundamental to our health, but our sedentary lifestyles make it hard to get as much physical activity as we should, we are after all worn out most of the time and that happy park run is now compromised with risk factors.

Reason No 4: And we’re exposed to health-depleting toxins every day, from the industrial pollutants and heavy metals in the air we breathe to the radioactive elements and pharmaceutical drugs in our drinking water to the antibiotics and pesticides in our food. The list increases yearly on the various toxins that are added to our foods and drinks – a scary reality! This creates Allergies.

Reason No 5: The cumulative stress of modern living takes a toll on our health, and especially on our digestive tracts and this is exactly where the problem begins and ends. Chronic diseases such as Allergies and Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, and Depression & Alzheimer’s are rising to epidemic proportions – and they can be traced back to an irritated and inflamed gut. In fact, on a world-wide medical circular it was stated that these very specific diseases I mentioned have no known cure. Where in reality I beg to differ; I believe we are NOT governed by our genes but by the very ‘environment’ around our cells therefore our gene pool that makes all the difference.


Resultant problems such as constipation, eczema, lack of libido, aches and pains, and fatigue are directly linked to gut dysfunction and in other words we need to get to the rout cause to literally root out the disease because a compromised gut means increased levels of toxins in the body – fueling inflammation, contributing to disease, Allergies, causing weight gain and promoting premature aging.

When our gut is unhealthy, the whole body is at risk. The digestive, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems all communicate and interact with one another and if any are out of sync you merely need to look at the interactive link – YOUR GUT. When your gut is healthy you have vibrant energy; proof of good health. When our immune systems are strong, our minds are alert and our energy levels are proof of a healthy gut. Your gut health and Immune health are inseparable.

Leaky Gut the issue

Leaky gut is a condition in which the intestinal lining loses its integrity and becomes an entry point for inflammatory pathogens. How did it start leaking? Well quite simply all these factors I just mentioned are route causal to this leaking. A healthy gut regulates the barrier between the intestines and bloodstream, allowing nutrients to flow OUT to our organs (good nutrition and energy source to the body) AND preventing contamination by pathogens INTO the body. This pathogen will not only do the necessary damage but also add to the toxic overload and strip you of all the natural good energy we just referred to.

Pathogens in triggers immune responses and this is where the auto-immunity kicks in.

But its also about our GOOD BACTERIA

Your microbiome makes up who you are….

Gut lining

So, if your gut lining is compromised so is your health but when our microbiota (AND THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING) is imbalanced we experience inflammation that causes hyper-permeability of our intestinal lining. This means that irritants and toxins are now being released into our bloodstream, damaging our cells and impairing the function of our brain and other vital organs.

The most vital part of your GI health is your gut bacterial community, also known as your microbiome. It consists of hundreds of interacting species that co-evolved with you in your gut and other parts of your body. These bacteria literally equate to life itself not only playing a key role in all life giving functions but also ensure a healthy gut-lining is maintained , and work to ensure that the cell wall junctions stay tight and healthy, thus preventing a leaky gut.

How to heal your gut

In order to heal your gut we have to identify and remove the cause of intestinal leakage by optimizing your healthy microbiome and the thus the imbalance in our microbiome that are fuelling inflammation:

Once you have started optimizing your gut microbiome with this incredible Imsyser 2 strain liquid probiotic you will notice over time the healing taking place as the healing potential of the super antioxidant herbs of this amazing product realises. Pain and bloating disappears, and only then will the body naturally resolve to fine tuning its auto-immune response which s exactly where your allergies and asthmas come from.

Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut can be caused by a fungal overgrowth, referred to as candida. Candida albicans is a yeast that is found in the mouth, the gut, and the birth canal. Imsyser’s Probiotic is known to destroy Candida with continued use and we have seen miraculous results from Candida sufferers. Candida is a naturally occurring and important part of our microbiome. We require Candida to maintain a healthy balance in our guts. Problems arise when we have too much. A diet high in sugar, stress, alcohol or the use of oral contraceptives can all contribute to this fungal overgrowth. When Candida overgrowths bloom into fully-fledged yeast infections, the fungal cells develop long, branching roots that penetrate the wall of our colon and push the intestinal cells further apart, leaving us with a Leaky Gut. And worse Candida is a precursor to many modern-day cancers!!

A healthy gut is undermined only by sugars and modern-day toxic highly processed foods but if there are triggers it is essential that we discover which foods instigate inflammation for us. As a rule, I find most people need to stay away from dairy and wheat, but keep in mind we are all different – this is your journey and your gut is unique. With the value add of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes in this amazing probiotic we are more than secure in saying the results speak for themselves.

Supplementing for modern day Allergies

There is only one product that can supply all the essential nutrition needed for all your supplementing needs to not only supply all the essential wholefood nutrition needed to optimize your body but maintain optimal all day energy and that is the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs.

Luckily for you the actual value add as an auto-immune suffer lies in the fact that this amazing product developed as far back as 2004 has the unique ability to source at cellular level all the unnecessary toxic residue and help extract that out of the cell. No more toxic residue with optimal immunity remains your very best defence together with gut health to serve you best against all Allergies and most other autoimmune discrepancies.

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