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Modern Day Probiotics For Allergies Relief!

Modern day allergies seemingly are not even season bound any longer. Modern day Probiotics to the rescue….

With the buzz word around auto-immune disorders, this is easy enough to  understand. The first line of defence is always the airways and if the invader is in the air (not taking into account that the average auto-immune sufferers is already under attack), the first line of defence (an immune response) is to produce copious amounts of mucous. This not only causes the obvious results (snotty noses, coughs, nausea and more) but also results in gut issues as the toxic production  of mucous lines the stomach and intestines. More Immune responses follow affecting yet more of the Immunity and so the cycle continues. Probiotics to the rescue!

The Solution?

There are no perfect solutions for allergies but to bring the body into perfect alignment is your best attempt at preventing this string of events. And in the process making us feel sick all the time and worse, tired all the time. The gut is compromised when under attack like this and the Immune System quite simply just gets trashed in the process as it stays in overdrive trying to ward off Immune responses and attacks from outside allergens or worse.

Over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications cause side effects. They range from annoying (dry mouth and drowsiness) to life threatening (heart rhythm disturbances, blood pressure spikes). And the drugs don’t work for most people. Allergy shots often are more effective. But they are inconvenient. They require a doctor appointment. And the shots carry many of the same side effects as pills.

The alternative?

And the drugs from our big brother, Big Pharma’s, are mostly unsafe compared to our natural alternative, Imsyser. This amazing Immune stabilising tablet was literally designed to assist in this toxic reducing effect whist still supplying all the ‘essentials’ that a healthy Immune system needs to function properly. Truly unique in its design.

Probiotics to the Rescue

But newer on the scene. Now, a new study has found a natural, safe treatment for allergies, with probiotics. Probiotic supplements dramatically reduce the symptoms by almost a 1/3!!!  And no side effects at all. Gut health was improved, Immunity optimised and allergenic responses minimised. The scientists discovered that probiotics ease allergies by enhancing the body’s ability to create regulatory T-cells. These cells stop the Immune system from overreacting to a stimulus.

Imsyser’ s Unique Probiotic

Once again Imsyser to the rescue. Imsyser has a 12-strain liquid probiotic in a 500 ml container enough for the whole family of all ages to take(and cheap to afford to do so since it is at least a 1-2 month supply!!). Modern alternatives in tablet or capsule form very seldom last longer that a few days with less than 1/2 the amount of strains of the crucially important probiotics and their food source, prebiotics. This unique product does not have to be refrigerated and has a natural supply of digestive enzymes included in its formulation. And…..100 % natural.

In Conclusion:

Thus 2 products out of the 3 in this amazing range are specifically designed to support Allergy prevention and maintenance. The 3rd product is a deep intestinal cleanse designed to assist in removing all the toxic mucoidal plaque having built up over the years on the lining of the gut wall. Seeing is believing what might be extruded out of the gut. It is a no brainer to want this ‘outside’ the body as opposed to inside anyway!!

Imsyser has all the solutions, one call or one stop away. Available country-wide!

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