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Just like your gut, your Vagina is full of good bacteria. It’s called the Vaginal Microbiome, and it consists primarily of lactic-acid-producing bacteria from the genus Lactobacillus. A healthy Vaginal Microbiome protects against infection by discouraging the growth of bad bacteria, yeast, and viruses. It also keeps the vagina acidic and stimulates the right kind of mucous production for healthier outcomes .

This is also the “unique deposit”, your Vaginal Microbiome, that a mommy privileges her baby with at birth – natural birth – and as is often introduced to Caesar babies by wiping their faces after mommy has been wiped down below. Not for all, but, healthy, nonetheless. Upon this deposit of healthy microbiome your baby will, with time, grow their own natural immunity which is core to healthy childhood and going forward into adulthood.   

An unhealthy Vaginal Microbiome can result in Yeast infections or a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis and quite often this linked to various other factors that might be the pre-cursor for any of the female part Cancers. Bacterial Vaginosis is an overgrowth of normal Vaginal Bacteria that causes the symptom of watery, fishy-smelling vaginal discharge. It affects almost one in three women and is typically treated with antibiotics – sadly so – since merely adjusting the state of the Microbiome is the most healthiest approach for this type of correction, since the disturbance of the natural Microbiome after antibiotics, is almost like a double whammy of trouble to the Immunity of the sufferer.

Managing Daily Female Health

So, support your gut’s healthiest microbiome by feeding it the fibre-rich foods, fermented foods to be included, as this is always your very first health approach since there is such a strong connection between the Gut Microbiome and the Vaginal Microbiome. Also avoiding all the things, meds, and lifestyles that might damage the Vaginal Microbiome. These include antibiotics, spermicides, feminine washes, and douching. Your Vagina is an efficient self-cleaning system—there is absolutely no reason to douche – and if you do so using the Imsyser LIQUID fermented probiotic (with water if needed) works best for a quick rinse of treatment when a little itch might exist.

Supplementing with your very best Probiotic remains core to all health and especially female health when considering pregnancy and or weight issue and health management. The Probiotic combination works when taken orally, but you can also insert it vaginally for additional benefit and is always best when done in combination – and in these cases, there are few standing the test of time like the Imsyser probiotic range  – needs no refrigeration – carry around if need be – is liquid for easy use – works from the mouth through to the lowest end of the gut – and has stood the test of time in the industry 12 years and counting!!!!

It is also the most affordable daily use probiotic in the market-place for both uses as best described above.

Managing Birth Control Best

For those preferring a more natural approach – the copper IUD permits ovulation and natural hormone balance and does not cause the hair loss, depression, and weight gain associated with the steroidal drugs of hormonal birth control. Even though there’s something not entirely natural about putting a copper and plastic device inside your uterus, it can cause the well-known side effects of pain and heavier periods, but it can also cause the lesser-known side effect of an altered Vaginal Microbiome as with the daily use of your menstrual tampon inserts at that time of the month.

Copper IUDs double the risk of infections. The effect is attributed to the heavier and longer menstrual flow of IUD users, which depletes Lactobacillus and permits the overgrowth of Gardnerella and other Bacterial species associated with these types of Vaginal infections. So it remains a no-brainer that your average woman of child bearing years should be using a daily Probiotic with the use of a copper IUD since the devices have been shown to foster the growth of Bacterial Microfilms and to transfer Yeast cells from the Vagina to the Uterus. Managing Candida overgrowth is one of the more difficult infections to manage and as a potential precursor to some Cancer with chronic overgrowth, using a daily probiotic that helps manage the Candida, like the Imsyser brand, is also pretty much a no-brainer.

Managing Monthly Periods Best

Since the average girl or modern-day woman uses tampons almost from the beginning of her cycles the same rules apply as mentioned for the IUD’s. In fact, the transmission potential is far greater. We once offered the opportunity to be part of a test trial on the use of our unique menstrual cups (less tampon and hand exposure) for a group of girls the Western Cape who had been battling with souring rates of infections and cancers amongst the very young girls in the communities because of this very big health issue. Sadly, funds were never made available for a beautiful product we had brough too the table amongst cultural misunderstandings. But the fact of the matter still remains, the same girls and or ladies are chronically at risk, where merely adding a daily probiotic helps reduce these stats.      

These are discussion your doctor should be having with you and if not, the responsibility always remains yours – health is core too our existence – and more so now than ever. So, take precaution. At well under R 200 a month all you have to gain is total health other than all these smaller yet crucially important female issues. Let’s face it – us girls need all the TLC we can get – life is tough enough!! Imsyser cares and that is why we share.

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