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All Natural Heartburn Relievers

“A list of the top 10 all-natural heartburn relievers you’ve probably never even heard of ( even I was unaware of a few of these…..):

Raw-potato juice: Rinse off a potato and toss it, with the peel still on, into a juicer. Drink the juice immediately.

Fresh papaya: At the first sign of heartburn, try eating some fresh papaya WITH the seeds. There are enzymes in the tropical fruit that help break down food. You can also keep a bottle of papaya tablets around to accomplish the same thing.

Fresh pineapple: Like papaya, pineapple is packed with an enzyme that aids digestion by helping to break down food.

Vinegar: If you know you’re going to overindulge, or that a particular food is likely to cause heartburn, fix yourself a vinegar tonic by mixing a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar into a glass of water to sip during your meal.

Fennel seed: Grab the fennel seeds off of your spice rack and mix 2 tbsp. into about a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for several minutes to make a tea to sip on.

Rhubarb: Slice off a piece of rhubarb stalk and chew on it for a few minutes. It will be sour, but many swear by its ability to sooth the burn.

Anise seed: Visit your spice rack again and grab a few anise seeds to chew on.

Fresh parsley: Don’t toss out that parsley garnish at the end of the meal. Nibble on the fresh sprig to relieve indigestion.

Aloe-vera Juice: You can buy Aloe-vera juice online or at your local natural-food store. (If you’re diabetic, however, be careful with Aloe-vera juice as it may lower your blood-sugar levels.)

Peppermint: You can grow your own peppermint or pick it up at the grocery store. Chew on the fresh leaves at the first hint of heartburn. Natural peppermint tea works too.”

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