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“All disease begins in the gut”

ANCIENT wisdom spoken by Hippocrates…. 2,500 years ago!

And as we have found out more recently in the past few years this is so, so true for all ages all over the world. To be fair, it’s not only lifestyle issues but more, I believe, the toxic overload we are dealing with that is present or more specifically hidden in our food supplies and water supplies. 

In the last 100 years, our way of life has changed dramatically:

Our food sources have worsened exponentially; Technologically-advanced lifestyles have added this electro-magnetic toxic overload; and then we have the real baddie and that is Stress.

We eat highly-processed, genetically-modified, pesticide-ridden foods.

We have become sedentary; we are just too chronically tired especially this time of the year to even get out of the couch to do what we realise is really good for us body and mind.

And we’re exposed to health-depleting toxins every day, from the obvious to the lesser evils like micro endo toxins, bad bacteria and parasites to not even mention the Yeast and Fungus issues.

Industrial pollutants and heavy metals are in the air we breathe; to the radioactive elements and pharmaceutical drugs in our drinking water; to the antibiotics and pesticides in our food…it’s never ending!

The Problem With Stress

Cumulative stress of modern living together with these toxins from various sources takes a toll on our health, and especially on our digestive tracts. In fact, 90% of all modern health problems and diseases begin in the gut. And the reverse is also true, a compromised gut means increased levels of toxins in the body – fueling inflammation, contributing to disease, causing weight gain and promoting premature aging.

The Problem With Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and depression are rising to epidemic proportions – and they can be traced back to an irritated and inflamed gut. Even relatively minor ailments, such as constipation, eczema, lack of libido, aches and pains, and fatigue are directly linked to gut dysfunction.

When our gut is unhealthy, the whole body is at risk. That’s because the digestive, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems all communicate and interact with one another. When your gut is not functioning properly, the activities of the other systems are compromised. Communicator is the Vagus Nerve and its nerve system and I have seen more destruction here applying to the root cause our gut than ever could have been realised affecting absolutely every system of the body extending even further into the body than even blood supplies do!

The Problem With Your Gut

The gut is the engine of the body. It extracts nutrients from the food we consume and delivers energy to every cell of the body. It is a specialized, incredibly complex system, and every part plays crucial functions. So it is clear to say that a compromised gut is detrimental to our overall health!

When your gut is healthy you have vibrant energy. Let food be your medicine , remember BUT if the best food is dependent on a goof healthy gut and you don’t have one, food cannot be your medicine.

Even the Immune systems are strong, if our gut health is good!

Our Brain Health is amazing and our minds are sharp, if our gut health is good!

Your inner and outer health is dependent on a healthy gut.

What to do?

Quite simply clean up and support. And this is where Imsyser is just core to resolving many of the crunch issues.  We are the root cause of most of our ‘dis-eases’.

Observing so many people suffer from symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ upon ‘dis-ease’, and becoming dependent on more and more harsh drugs with no ‘real’ help for them, has created a deep passion within the Imsyser Health Team to step in and provide a natural solution to achieve optimal health and results. We provide products and ‘wisdom’ that will assist to root out the problems that are detrimental to our health as we spin around our daily lives.

This passion extends far deeper than our really amazing products.

As per bio-feedback from our clients, Imsyser can conclude that the products may assist in promoting general well-being and gut health for various health issues and assists in ‘dis-ease’ prevention when taken as part of a well-managed lifestyle programme.

Our 3 Step Health & Disease Prevention Kit, is the ultimate health care range. Each works to assist in the rooting out of the causes of any ‘dis-ease’ by allowing a gentle cellular &/or gut detox, whilst fuelling your Immunity with all the essentials in order to optimize health and general Immunity. We are not just treating the symptoms. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to use Imsyser to achieve the results that you need: 086 010 3859

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