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For those of us who believe in the power of nature and we understand there is a difference in foods and supplements that are clean, wholefood and natural versus conventional foods and synthetic vitamins.

For most people entering any leading pharmacy space things can get overwhelming and confusing in a hurry with choices to suit every imagination . There are so many products and so many claims. There are conflicting scientific studies with experts on both sides of an issue. How does one begin to make sense of it all?

In the end , the better choices you make, the better your outcome!!

One of the trends in natural products is consumers growing interest in vitamins from and/or with whole foods. Natural foods have become accepted by many more consumers and now those consumers want their vitamins to be food based as well.

It comes back to making distinctions. Ingredients should be of the best source from unpolluted core soil sources. Considering that most people do not get their required intake of fruits, vegetables, and wholesome foods, it is probably a good idea to start sourcing your very best wholefood supplement for the whole family. Whole fruits and vegetables contain thousands of phyto (plant) nutrients. If we don’t get these nutrients from our food then supplements are our only other source.

Nutrients that are missing from the foods we eat can only come from supplements.

A body that is well nourished will always do better that one that is not.

Your Body! Your Choice!

Imsyser to your best Immune Defense ever supplementing from 100% truly organic sources right here in South Africa. Call today 086 010 3859 or simply to view your next best health choice on shelf in most leading pharmacies country-wide and in Dischems in Namibia.


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