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More on the Air we Breathe

Millions of people suffer from a wide variety of ailments that are partly caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen.

1.  Incorrect breathing
2.  Insufficient fresh air

In order to have good blood we must breath well.  Every cell of your body must receive a constant supply of oxygen to function properly.  But … that air must be fresh.  When breathing stale, polluted air the oxygen is insufficient to keep the cells strong and healthy.

Industry uses many solvents like TRICHLOROETHYLELENE & CHLOROFORM.
BENZENE appears in dyes for curtaining and upholstery. FORMALDEHYDE is a component in plastics and insulation.

All three of these chemicals release invisible vapours that cause reactions ranging from allergies to cancer in our bodies.

Even though Industry has started to put into place practices intended to eliminate over a period of years, future and existing pollution, nature is already at work trying to clear up the mess.

God has provided us with natural filtering systems in plants like the AZALEA, ALOE VERA & PHILODENDRON, which absorb formaldehyde from the air.


Two medium sized plants for every 100 square feet of floor space will remove pollutants from the room.

1.  Excites the appetite
This makes digestion of food more perfect.
2. Improves circulation
Blood moves sluggishly with insufficient oxygen. Poisonous waste matter is retained which results in impure blood.
3. Purifies the blood
Deep breathing improves the quality of the blood. Skin tone is improved & wound healing is accelerated.
4. Gives Sound sleep
When sleeping with our windows open at night fresh air will help make our sleep restful and relaxed.
5. Electrifies the blood
All atoms contain particles of electricity. The air we breathe contains millions of these electric particles called IONS. Blood carries        these IONS to all parts of the body.

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