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Imsyser’s Health Discovery Journey….

In the not-too-distant past, no chemicals or artificial substances were used in healing practices. People had to rely on natural products to heal their various maladies. These natural products included things like plants, roots, insects and honey etc. This reliance on natural healing inspired the owners of Imsyser Health to study the regenerative effects of many plants, and other natural ingredients.

Although a lot of the natural remedies used by traditional healers and mankind’s forefathers really worked, modern man does not even know about them and has moved on to the chemical alternatives, adding increased toxic load to the body with the resultant ‘dis-ease’ trend, our modern-day malady!

As far back as 2002, a unique 100% natural product was formulated from South African indigenous plants at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape. The result, a truly ground-breaking health product. This powerful Immune System Stabilizer Tablet, unique in its design and streets ahead of its competitors, was developed understanding the origin of modern-day ‘dis-eases’, Auto-Immune diseases, resulting from modern-day toxic overload.  

Dealing with Immunity issues meant delving even further, back to origin of Immunity issues, gut health. Product expansion resulted and Imsyser Health established itself as a worthy competitor in the Nutraceutical industry.  This comprehensive range of all-natural health products was designed to support optimal Immune and overall health through effective gut health. It is a well-known scientific fact that for the body to function optimally i.e. free from disease, a healthy Immune System, stemming from a healthy gut, is a fundamental requirement. Afterall, all health starts in the gut!

Imsyser’s’ products are completely unique in their design, bringing about a new level of excellence to Nutraceuticals, country-wide. Imsyser offers a new approach to gut health, in a market trend that is fast becoming the No.1 trend in the world!!

To date, Imsyser Health has been expanding its core product range and we are dedicated to increasing the level of health awareness both nationally and globally.

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