About Imsyser

Welcome to Imsyser – Your Gateway to Natural Healing and Balance through Exceptional Natural Health Products.

Exciting News! Imsyser has expanded its Flagship Range, introducing two groundbreaking cleanse products: the Imsyser Parasite Intestinal Cleanse (185g) and the daily fibre boost, Imsyser Intestinal Biotic Fibre (200g). Additionally, we’ve unveiled the Chaya Range, featuring the organic Chaya Powder (125g) and Chaya Capsules (120), now available in the corporate marketplace since its online debut in 2017.

Good news continues with the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs, now available in a more accessible 60’s pack, easing financial considerations post-Covid-19 challenges.

In operation since 2008, Imsyser has expanded its Flagship Range to include the Magnesium Range, GUT-cha Detox Range, Detox Range, KidZ Range, Chaya Range, Nutritional Food Range, and the newer Personal Range, including the innovative His&Hers branded Range. Excitingly, the His&Hers Range incorporates the latest trends in skincare, leveraging our Proprietary Blend of Probiotics.

Why Choose Imsyser?

At Imsyser, we prioritize your health. Our products stand out not just in terms of sales, but in their uniqueness—100% natural and safe for all ages, ensuring minimal side effects. We are driven by a people-centric approach, dedicated to improving individuals’ health through effective Gut and Immune health.

The Power of Gut Health:

The gut is a complex system that significantly impacts overall health, influencing emotions, heart health, brain function, and even sleep patterns. A healthy gut is vital in preventing certain cancers, making its maintenance crucial. Our products are uniquely crafted to support the body’s natural defence system, utilizing African medicinal plants and fostering internal balance. Effective Gut health, in turn, establishes and optimizes Immunity.

Our Unique Product Offerings:

Deep Intestinal Cleansing: Imsyser offers two products designed for profound Intestinal cleansing—essential for good gut health.

Pro-biotic Support: Comprising the Imsyser 12 Strain Liquid, Fermented Pre & Pro-biotic, and the daily Pro-biotic Biotic Fibre Support Product (Imsyser Intestinal Biotic Fibre).

Liver Health and Immunity: The Chaya Range (Chaya Caps & Chaya Powder) supports detox, Liver Health, and Immunity.

Immune Support: The Imsyser Immune Stabiliser Tablets meet nutritional demands through wholefood ‘essential’ nutrition, offering 100% natural Immune support and ensuring a gentle daily cellular detox.

Why Imsyser?

Our commitment extends beyond mere attainment; we focus on daily maintenance for 100% optimal health. A happy gut equals a healthy body, addressing issues such as Digestive issues, Weight Management, Auto-immune diseases, Skin Health & Antiaging, and Hormone related disease, Sleep deprivation and so much more.

About Imsyser:

Imsyser Health emerged from a commitment to Natural Healing, inspired by traditional practices that relied on natural products like plants, roots, and herbs. In response to the trend of chemical alternatives, Imsyser was founded in 2002, formulating a unique 100% natural product with the regenerative effects of South African indigenous plants.

Join the No.1 Trend in Health:

Imsyser Health pioneers a new approach to Gut Health, recognized as the fastest-growing trend globally. Our complete range of All-Natural Health Products supports optimal Immune Health through effective Gut management, acknowledging the fundamental role of a healthy Gut and Gut Microbiome in overall Well-being.

In Conclusion:

As Imsyser Health grows its core product range, we aim to elevate Health Awareness Nationally and Globally, making a positive impact on the lives of Africans and the Global Market.

Choose Supplements wisely; choose Imsyser—your partner in core Health issues and Natural Immunity Support.

Explore our new Skin Care Range, the His&Hers Skin Care Range, embracing the most Natural approach to anti-aging with innovative product designs leading in the Beauty Industry. The use of our Proprietary Blend Liquid Probiotic makes the brand a leader in the local Beauty industry with collaborative agreements in place for new innovative products currently in R&D.     

Leave us a Review and let us assist you—call us today: 086 010 3859. Your Health journey starts with Imsyser.