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A wonderful testimony all the way from Nigeria…

Testimony all the way from Nigeria

One of our clients decided to bless his 94 year old mom who was battling at home with no energy; feeling low and sickly:

“God is good.  I got a report from my senior sister this morning that Imsyser is working too well for my aged mother. She wakes up every morning to sweep the whole house and she will not be tired.

She will not even listen to them if they asked her not to sweep and clean the house.

I have requested that they take a picture of her while cleaning/sweeping and send it to me.

They requested a timely supply so that the last one l sent will not finish.

The battle to get Imsyser to the poorest of the poor in Africa is the Lord’s battle.

We commit ourselves more than ever before to pray until His will to heal the nations is accomplished.  Amen”

Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tablets 

Super wholefood nutrition in tablet form design to optimize Immunity by supplying all the essentials for optimal energy output. 💯 natural superfood made right here in South Africa. Available countrywide at most Pharmacies.

Company Significance…

Africa is my calling- healing and health for all. I am involved in various projects with the sole design of making a difference in the lives of those I am privileged to touch.

Our Africa Mission

The health team at Imsyser are professionals passionate about educating people about health and inspiring them to live healthier lives.

In the step towards disease prevention and enhanced well being, we provide the ultimate healthcare products that work to get rid of the root cause of disease. Imsyser Health Products focuses on Improved Immune Health through detox cleansing.

Modern lifestyles have produced a range of illnesses, ‘auto-immune’ by nature, with most people resorting to chemical substances and treatments for temporary relief. These NEVER offer long lasting results.

We believe that ‘dis-eases’ (in truth actually only imbalances) are best dealt with by addressing gut issues first, followed by stability of the Immune activities.

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