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A “Gentle” Detox – Here’s Why …One of the most common solutions to chronic constipation

One of the most common ‘supposed’ solutions to chronic constipation, as well as one of the classic spiritual rituals of most African tribes, is to rid the gut of all contents with a regular violent explosive expulsion of gut contents after taking purgatives. Understanding the spiritual association is not on the agenda for today but trying to convey the message of how totally disruptive this process is to the health and stability go the gut, as well as the future workings of such. And this pretty much applies to all those having aggressive enema rinses.


A soft gentle rinse/flush using an enema bucket with a soothing, warm, rinsing solution is definitely NOT what we are talking about, since these do work, and as you might have noticed Imsyser does run specials with an associate firm selling these and our regular detox products in a special kit form.

Intestinal Cleanse

What we are really aiming to discuss is a gentle 7 day detox using the Imsyser Deep Intestinal cleanse that takes 7 days, using it 2 x/day , to rid the gut not only of old toxic remains left in the gut but also the old, heavy, rubbery mucoidal plaque lining the gut. This layer, if not removed, will not only prevent good nutritional input past this barrier but also prevent good waste from being excreted out past this barrier  and that in itself is a sure way to retard all normal gut functioning. This will also eventually lead to auto/self-toxification as waste and toxins are recirculated through the body. This almost sounds painful and believe me if you are running on toxic overload this eventually does feel like a painful experience.

So once this waste is removed, and all normal healthy gut functioning allowed, ENERGY levels may be restored. Also Immune functioning improves and of course most importantly emotional recharging is allowed since your gut and emotions run literally run hand in hand. And, of course, we are not even talking about weigh loss issues and more!!

Now we did emphasize the importance of a ‘painless experience’ and this is due to the fact that we have a lesser known ingredient called ‘slippery elm’ which needs more expression to understand why and how it really is so effective in our amazing product.

The slippery elm mucilage found on the bark has antimicrobial and astringent properties so it may also help to stave off infection. When brewed into a strong decoction in its fresh form, it may be drunk to help relieve the pain associated with ulcer, and to soothe an upset stomach. This tea may also be employed for the treatment of diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, and inflammations of the intestinal track or the bowels. Tisanes made from slippery elm may also be beneficial for individuals who experience frequent bouts of heartburn, as it helps to soothe the general discomforts associated with the problem and this because it is designed to soothe and heal as it assist not only in the breakdown of but the removal of such waste lining and moving out of the gut, painlessly.

There are many other amazing herbs in this same product assisting in various functions as the waste is broken down and assisted out of the gut  but the emphasis is on gentle today. So why not try this amazing product which is suitable for all ages and may even be used daily in chronic cases without any habitual gut changing.  Imsyser Intestinal Cleaner

For more on this product call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859 or visit our website at Specials are still available for the month of February our Valentines special for you.

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