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Fasting, Cleanses & Detoxing all the rage….

The Importance of Detoxing

Many have been working for more than a year now and need a proper detoxing. The Mind is taking strain. More importantly the body is taking strain. Even if you are exercising every day. Just sitting behind the computer pays its own price with reduced circulation or worse.  

Regular detoxing helps clean your body of toxic heavy metals, prescription drug residue, and chemicals that you’re exposed to or quite simply improving energy levels where Covid has made us pay the price with our compromised healthy living.

Even nutritional input is compromised and this we cannot blame Covid for. Many years ago, my generation and earlier, the Earth was pristine and the water & air were not polluted. Therefore, our food sources were kept pristine. Our soil kept pristine so all the healthy microbiome came through our plants into our diet. We did not have the modern-day fast foods too deal with. Nor did we have all the additives and preservative too make these foods. The result – as opposed to our ancestors – we do need to help our bodies cleanse regularly or at last seasonally of toxins.  

The Golden Rule

Always start at the gut. I was listening too a very long webinar last night and no matter what the condition even Parkinson’s’ disease; there is relief or change when you start here. Just strip all the impacted waste, all older lining that wasn’t budged naturally; and you are set to go. All your Energy levels will be restored as digestive functions improve:      

I like to start with the parasite cleanse. As these little creatures have been linked too many a health condition. Parasites in an uncompromised and healthy body, no problem. But if there are chronic symptoms go to source:

Then support your healthy gut microbiome so that they can do the healthy internal balancing.  Remember they will then deliver this healthy supply too al other systems including the brain along the gut-brain axis. If Candida exists you will be able to manage this toxic imbalance as well:

If you have started at the gut, mostly l else should fall into place. With the Imsyser range we just add the Immune Support tabs to make u the deficit the body needs. This is the wholefood nutritional deficit that exists since Mother Nature herself is lacking:

Improve your Circulation

Advisable to improve your Circulation for compromised people. As the plant-based nutrition (Imsyser bitly tabs) increases your circulation you might need a little help from the Chaya range that manages the heavy metal detox. Not many realise the importance of this step. Heavy metals are a modern-day toxic hazard to your health. But the greatest value of this product is that you are doing a liver detox and support as well. Assist to improve your energy levels. Iron levels increase. This is a liver cleanser and support product too:

Hydration remains crucial always! For improved circulation. To support kidney cleansing,  add lemon juice or parsley tea. Keep moving or exercising and you are on the route to the healthiest most gentle detox routine Imsyser Health can offer. Maybe a liver flush

It seems simple too do and it is. But we care so we share. For any support you might need cal us 086 010 3859. Or simply click here:   


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