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Where Chronic Stress Originates

Where Chronic Stress Originates “There are many different types of stress that may thrust us into fight or flight mode. Chronic stress however is the one we best would like to monitor in all its shapes and sizes: Cognitive stress – includes impractical expectations of self and others, thinking and … Read more

Positive VS Negative Stress

POSITIVE VS NEGATIVE STRESS STRESS plays a major role on the body but it depends on which stress we are referring to. Positive stress comes from challenges, growth processes, exciting relations, successful experiences, practising your calling and positive excitement. This one is almost the do good one and does not … Read more

Detoxification; Modern Day Stressors & Disease

There are countless stressors in our modern world and many of them are foods, people, or situations, and products we allow into our lives. We NEED regular detoxification… Pollutants in our Foods  Pollutants are in our soil, water, and air, and that means they are in our food supply. These … Read more


The new year has started and we are back to our ‘old habits’ or allowing loads of stress into our lives and daily putting ourselves at risk; STRESS IS A KILLER. Stress levels are the cause of most chronic diseases − including cancer; ‘dis-ease’ actually feeds off stress. The stress … Read more

stress types and how they affect us

“There are many different types of stress that may thrust us into fight or flight mode.. I take the following model from Dr. C.E. Gant, which is an excellent in depth illustration. Cognitive stress – includes impractical expectations of self and others, thinking and problem solving process, reading, trying to … Read more

Stress & Weight Gain

Stressful situations DO lead to weight gain, according to the latest studies. In a study researchers measured (blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol) women’s metabolic rates and the results were quite horrific. We know that ‘Stress’ itself is not the ‘baddie’ and we also know that to dream … Read more

Positive vs Negative Stress

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf. We have been told stress is always detrimental to our bodies. Not so! There is such a thing as positive stress! Let me explain. Stress is the bodies reaction influences coming from outside or inside the body. Stress has three stages. Stage One is positive. … Read more

Stress and Immune Health Update

The Imsyser Team are passionate about health and want to share Immune Health Maintenance by discussing the importance of trying to reducing stress and optimising natural supplementation for optimal immune support & health. Please view our website for product review of our Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tabs. Please watch … Read more

Free yourself from Stress

By Dr. Mercola The connections between stress and physical health are being explored at greater frequency these days. For example, recent news items have reported the links between emotional distress and physical pain,1 chronic inflammation2 and even stillbirths.3

These Healthy Fats Can Lengthen Your Lifespan …

Sharing “How These Healthy Fats Can Lengthen Your Lifespan…. Nuts have garnered a notorious reputation for being high in fat—and therefore fattening.  Nothing could be further from health fact. Healthy fats, such as the mono-unsaturated fats in nuts—do not make you fat.  What makes you fat is a diet high … Read more

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