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Digestion Starts In The Mind

Digestion starts in the “mind”… …so if the mind is in a state of mental stress, the body will have elevated cortisol and stress-hormones that shut down the digestive process. …

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Probiotics Improve Overall Digestion

We all know we need to take a daily supplement of probiotics – ALL AGES including newborns!!!! Maybe you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic and want to protect yourself from a …

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Caring for your Digestion Centre

Listen, when you’re constantly feeling sick, tired, and stuck in a rut, it can do a number on your self-esteem and overall morale, and rather quickly.

We love “Question Time”

Question Time

We love “Question Time” We love “Question Time”.It is so often that we forget that other might have questions and as we claim to serve we have decided to share …

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The importance of a deep colon cleanse The importance of a deep colon cleanse should not be under-estimated. As long as your spleen, liver, large intestine and kidney are healthy, …

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Kidney Stones Your Health Indicator

Kidney Stones Your Health Indicator. What is kidney stones? Kidney Stones Your Health Indicator. Kidneys filter toxins from waste chemicals out of your blood. Into your urine. As a natural …

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