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Bloated??What is bloating really?

What is bloating really?? Well simply put merely excess air and gas trapped in your digestive tract (primarily in your 20-foot-long small intestines). This does not negate the incredible discomfort …

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Benefits of Natural Parasite Cleansing

Classically this would not be your first-to-go-to cleanse. It should be…while it is true, you may observe some uncomfortable symptoms during the parasite cleansing process. The upside to treatment far …

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Is Ageing Your Concern?

Is Ageing Your Concern? Focus On Your Microbiome Is Ageing Your Concern? Let’s start at the beginning… One month after birth, Bifidobacteria start to dominate a healthy, breastfed baby’s gut. …

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Immunity Depends on A Good Probiotic

Questions & Answers

Immunity Depends on A Good Probiotic Immunity Depends on A Good Probiotic. If you thought probiotics were important for EVERY day use, you are absolutely right. Our ‘Mother culture’ has …

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Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available

Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available? However scientifically established that we need microbiome support daily. Above all, AS FROM BIRTH. Unfortunately, the ‘mother culture’ as received …

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The Big Discussion about Ivermectin

The Big Discussion about Ivermectin? Need to know… The Big Discussion about Ivermectin. I often look at the huge discussions going around this veterinary anti-parasitic product being used, “apparently illegally”, …

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Back to School

10 days till schools start…. That time of the year where over indulging has lead to bloating issues and general discomfort as the extra holiday weight crept up on us …

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