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Why Testimony is so important at Imsyser…

No Gain When there is Pain…

Having been away for a week to work in Cape Town training and doing the ProBeauty Expo seems like the perfect place to be. With all honesty being an ex-Cape Townian, it was like visiting home again. Water issues, yes, but Cape Town is a beautiful City with so much potential and such a diverse group of people that it always bowls me over. Pain didn’t even cross my mind.

Having said that, I classically had so much fun that I didn’t take my probiotics, or supplements for that matter, had very little sleep and ran around for 6 days. The result: pain.

I actually am so surprised by the amount of pain in all my joints it leaves me wondering querying the amount of water I drank and much much more till I realized that I had stopped supplementing. Which is exactly what keeps me going at home here in Pretoria without truly realizing the benefits of our own products.

Quite simply put I am amazed as the effectiveness of the Imsyser supplements especially when coping with modern day fast lane and stresses. Obviously, I am back on track as of this morning and realizing there is no quick fix but maintaining day in day out what Mother Nature unfortunately does not supply any longer.

Another amazing testimony

Dear Imsyser.

We have been using your Products for a few years now but last week we once again realized just how amazing and important these products really are.

Our son is a very eager 0/11 Field Athlete and are competing in the District Championships at Pilditch this weekend. Early last week we ran out of Imsyser Probiotics and due to a very hectic schedule, decided to wait till the weekend to replace. All of a sudden our son started to feel sluggish and bloated. Exercising was now difficult and distances not what it used to be.

Looking for answers, we carefully traced the steps back and realized that the problem might be due to poor digestion because of the imbalance in his digestive track.

We immediately started with the Imsyser Probiotics again, following up with the Tablets for added energy. The next day he was back on track, looking and feeling much better… Now excitedly waiting for the Championships.

We want to thank you for a GREAT Product! — with Dianne Neethling.



We suggest you do a detox on all the organs to start the clean-up:

  1. Always start with a good Parasite ( and Candida) Cleanse for 2 weeks.
  2. Starting week 2 with a 7 day IMSYSER Deep Intestinal Cleanse and see what’s really living in you.
  3. Maybe a Kidney flush is needed
  4. But most definitely a liver flush after 2 weeks
  5. And finally, DAILY, take you IMSYSER Immune System Stabiliser tablets to do the gentle daily detox and Immune support
  6. But always drink enough water ( 2-3 L good water) with lots of lemon to flush…..

And see the difference in your Energy levels, Weight, Health and overall pain levels.  His works. It’s hard but well worth it and all the products are available simply 



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