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Why Antibiotics Put You at Risk…?

Why Antibiotics Put You at Risk for Viral Infection

Antibiotics are pharmaceutical agents that kill bacteria. Antibiotics can make it more difficult to fight off the flu virus by wiping out healthy bacteria and leaving your Immune System defenseless. Drinking a daily Imsyser probiotic, can replenish good bacteria in the gut to help strengthen your natural defense against viruses.

Viruses are a different kind of bug. Because they are different, they remain essentially unaffected by antibiotic drugs. This information is important to understand. Especially as the Zika virus has recently overtaken social media and the news. Now we have to deal with Super bugs and worse. Watching Carte Blanche recently was enough to get everyone all over the world tied up in knots over the ugly potential of this future potential.

When Antibiotics Do More Harm Than Good

You can’t stop the common cold or the flu with antibiotics. But you can make these viral infections worse. Antibiotics strengthen a viral infection. Viruses naturally living in the body can store antibiotic-resistant genes. Passing them out like candy to hungry bacteria and intensifying the problem of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a very real public health crisis. When bacteria are resistant to antibiotic drugs, they are able to survive in the body, in spite of antibiotic use.

This means that some bacterial infections are literally impossible to treat. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Antibiotics Also Slow Down Your Response to Infection

Antibiotics wipe out the healthy bacteria that naturally protect the body. You will find these protective microbes in the gut, on the surface of the skin, along the birth canal and in the respiratory tract. Without these healthy communities of “native” microbes, the immune system isn’t able to mount a strong attack on the flu virus. Researchers have also found that antibiotics slow down the clearance of an infection. Meaning more sick days out. When you treat a viral infection with antibiotics, you cripple your Immune System.

  • Your immune cells express fewer genes associated with protection against viral infection.
  • Your immune cells are unable to respond to messages that the body is under viral attack.
  • You are less equipped to stop viral replication.

Healthy gut bacteria and your Immune System

Healthy gut bacteria and your Immune System are allies. Together they fight infection and protect the body. Unfortunately, antibiotic drugs wipe out healthy bacteria. It destroy the lines of communication between good bacteria and your immune system.


What makes the Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic Unique?

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