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Everyone’s microbiome is unique


Everyone’s microbiome is unique.

You and Your Gut

Your microbiome consists of 10 to 100 trillion microbes primarily in your gut. From before birth, we’re colonized by an army of microbes—bacteria, yeast and even viruses. It helps to create a protective barrier that defends your body against foreign substances and allergens. Your gut microbiome reacts to the world around and within you, and as a result, your microbiome is unique and distinct, like a fingerprint.

You have to keep on cultivating your gut flora.

Your gut microbiome is a dynamic, living thing that needs to be tended to, just like a garden. Cultivate your good microbes with a nutritious, varied whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables and fermented foods. We have found that supplementing has become crucial for continued healthy gut functioning, so using a fermented live culture mimicking these foods is essential for daily maintenance.

What happens in your gut doesn’t stay in your gut, its all about Immunity as well.

While you might associate your gut only with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, it does a lot more than that. Most importantly, it’s the largest organ of the immune system with over two-thirds of our lymphocytes found in the lining of the small intestine. Thus, the health of our gut impacts our nutrition, allergy, skin, immune response, metabolism, sleep and mood.

There IS a connection between your gut, and allergy and immunity.

Allergy start in your gut. The problem arises when your gut becomes “leaky”: thanks to the depletion of beneficial intestinal microbes, your gut becomes more permeable and absorbs more gut-derived toxins and food-derived allergens than normal, which can lead to allergic sensitization to food protein, as well as conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. When you ingest those allergens again, it leads to a vicious cycle that further inflames the intestinal lining.

Swedish researchers followed children from birth to age five and found that the absence of certain bacteria preceded the development of allergic disorders. And new research suggests that fixing the gut can help prevent the development of eczema and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Gut offenders that can harm your gut.

Three main culprits cause the most damage to your microbiome—medication, infections and foods:

  • Medication, particularly NSAIDS like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen-type pain relievers, have been shown to reduce levels of good bacteria in your GI tract, thus increasing intestinal permeability. Overuse of antibiotics—both the medicine you take and that’s given to the animals you eat—can also decrease the diversity of our gut flora.
  • Infections can create inflammation in the gut, which can also make the intestinal wall leaky.
  • The food you eat can lead to inflammation in the GI tract too. A diet high in sugar and saturated fat creates a state of systemic inflammation. In a 2015 study, researchers found that alcohol-induced changes to the microbiome may contribute to intestinal hyerpermeability and oxidative stress as well as intestinal and systematic inflammation. Plus, if you eat food that you’re allergic to, your gut will also become inflammed and leaky.

You can re-establish healthy gut flora.

There are three primary steps to re-establishing healthy gut flora. Imsyser has the perfect gut partner. A 12 strain liquid fermented pre- & probiotic that not only mimics human gut health at room temperature but also has added digestive enzymes to facilitate healthy digestion and is not affected by stomach ph.

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