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Blood is the blueprint of our health

Blood is the blueprint of our health.

A single drop of blood, too small to see with the naked eye contains the entire genetic code of a human being.  The DNA blueprint is intact and replicated within us endlessly – via our blood.

There is a connection between a person’s blood and diet.   Each person is a unique creation with specific characteristics.  There are no two people on earth who are alike therefore not all people should eat the same foods.

Our blood also contains aeons of genetic memory – bits and pieces of specific programming, passed on from our ancestors in codes we are still attempting to comprehend.  The code which resides within our blood type is perhaps the most important code to decipher in our attempt to unravel the mysteries of blood, and its vital role in our existence. In it the good and bad…..

If you’re struggling with chronic health problems, chances are you’d greatly benefit from a detoxification program. The ultimate detox routine will mobilize toxins from fat (our toxic dumping ground) to blood over a period while eating a high nutrition, calorie-restricted diet. Studies on body fat proved that fat contains 140 – 150 x higher levels of toxins than blood.

The two biggest surface areas are the skin and the GI tract. You can mobilize toxins from the skin by sweating (sauna) & exercise but also using the GI tract to pull it out. Detoxification is a process but it is actually mobilization of the toxic chemicals, and then having a way to eliminate it and to excrete it out of the body. Good healthy water is crucial to our well-being.

‘Detoxification’ by medical terms is only in the liver. For these purposes a liver flush is essential.

But to avoid toxic exposures, your best bet is to use a proactive approach to clean out your body on a regular basis. A deep intestinal cleanse 4 – 6 times a year is advised. Keeping a healthy gut is crucial to optimal functioning of the gut and for these purposes a daily supplement of probiotics is essential.

Nutrition is ultimately the answer to all our ‘dis-eases’ since ‘we are what we eat’!! ‘Dis-ease” is merely a state of imbalance that needs to be corrected at cellular level in a well-balanced lifestyle.

  1. Nutrition: In the past our healthy foods supplied all our nutritional and probiotic needs. NO MORE!! The answer lies in going back to basics. Edible gardens not only satisfy these requirements but also allow our children to participate in taking responsibility over their own bodies and health.
  2. Adequate amounts of Sunshine.
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Good Water
  5. Healthy Spiritual State
  6. Adequate Rest

The body will only respond to a fine balance of each of these facets. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEALTH. For further information click here: 

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