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Ready! Steady! Go!

Health! ready! Steady! Go!! Officially most schools have started ! 2020 has begun for most of us!!

It is the time most people have renewed intentions, new visions and all of us should be thinking no more ‘dis-ease’; but ‘fresh beginnings’. It is a wonderful time to create new habits and new routines. You should be more relaxed and ready to tackle the year with renewed vigor.

Just start

Some start with a bang and go all out whilst others gradually get into the year. Which-ever way you prefer, the point it to stay on track and see your goals through for the year. Be consistent and amazing results will follow. Consistency has always been the name of the game for anything we start or pursue.

Back to School

The one thing I have learnt is that you cannot only tidy up one area of your life and lag on others e.g. you cannot tackle weight loss whilst your cupboards are cluttered and in a mess. The same applies for those looking at the food cupboards planning for school and lunch boxes.

Fresh starts

Fresh is always best but at least take hold of the ‘old’ that is ‘dis-ease’ inducing to a large extent and throw away. Also take a look at every other area of your life and see where you can make small changes to start removing things/habits from your lifestyle that also just lead to toxicity.

 You will be amazed how accommodating and forgiving the body is even if you have overstepped the boundaries in the holiday.

Good Nutrition

And remember this isn’t the ONLY time to start supplementing. If your reasoning is new beginnings this is not good enough anymore BUT should be  EVERYDAY ONGOINGLY since all our foods even the organic produce is deficient in good essential nutrition. This unfortunately will not change; we have manged to destroy our best source; the universal eco-system.

Probiotics Everyday

But all is not lost if you supplement daily with the Imsyser Probiotic to increase nutritional uptake and gut and immune functioning. Your energy levels will improve and overall health take a huge leap forward.

A wholefood supplement

A simple wholefood nutritional supplement like the Imsyser tabs will supply all your essential micro-nutritional needs also bumping up your energy levels, Immunity and of course supplying those Omegas for the brain fuelling.

We have it all at Imsyser.  Our products are available countrywide. Call us: 086 010 3859 or click here:

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