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Water. So Scarce. So Crucial!!!

Water. So scarce. So crucial!!

  • That time of the year…

Whether you be in the Western Cape with water crisis shortages or else where it is the time of the year where we ‘party’ and think we are getting in enough fluids. Well party fluids! But nothing but nothing replaces that crucial water your body needs to function. Water makes up 90% of our planet. Water makes of 80% of our bodies. It fuels us AND our planet.

Classically the human species has been found to be constantly dehydrated and this is one of the worst things you can do for your health. And that is not even taking into account it is summer and we naturally rid our bodies of water through perspiration and more. we need to remember that alcohol also leads to dehydration (i.e. the headaches we often experience when drinking alcohol!!)

There is a lot of confusion about hydration and about how to obtain it properly due to SO MANY different research studies done on this subject. DRINK WATER — NO SUBSTITUTES!

Having said that the quality of the water is crucial and of course the pH of the water. I always choose the highest pH I can find to ensure I counter any potential acidity in my body, which, by the way, is aggravated with dehydration!! As far as good water is concerned this is more difficult since most supplies are based on RO and in this stripping process most of the ‘good stuff’ natural minerals is stripped out of the water as well!!

What to do??

Quite simply ensure you have your own supply of sole drops to ensure that the mineral content is always kept at a good high. Call the Imsyser offices if you would like to know how to make this simple, really cheap solution, for everyday solution for everyday use. call 086 010 3859.

We can argue that juices and sodas are “technically” liquids, they are in no way comparable to water. Water is what fuels our Digestive System, our Immune System, and yes, our Liver, Kidney and (most of all) our Bladder systems. Our cells crave water- pure, clean, not flavoured or carbonated water. Filling your body with sugary drinks can actually dehydrate you. And before you say it — “but I drink diet soda”- just know that the sodium in those devilishly deceptive drinks actually dehydrate your body even more. If you want to feel good and chipper, not sluggish and tired, drink WATER.


It can be bottled, bagged, frozen, jugged, tubbed, pooled, or simply falling off a rock. Water is versatile.  And knowing what kind of water to drink can be worrisome, especially for those of us that are concerned with more than just hydration. Tap water has always been a confusing topic for most people (especially parents). So, to clear it up: no, tap water won’t kill you.

Yes, the chlorine and other small trace amounts of chemicals can help kill bad bacteria in your mouth and stomach. However, it can also kill the good bacteria in your mouth and gut, making you more susceptible to things like viruses, digestive problems, and stomach illnesses.

Overall, we suggest filtered water – whether you buy it at the store or you filter it in your house- simply for the sake of your microbiome (with in-house filtering being the preferred choice due to our love of the planet and hatred of plastic water bottles). If tap water is your most efficient and cost-effective choice, by all means continue, but maybe supplement those bacteria-killing chemicals with a PROBIOTIC supplement so as to keep your microbiome balanced. A tablespoon a day of the 12 STRAIN Liquid probiotic is all you need for all your digestive and health needs.

The Imsyser pre- & pro-biotic is available countrywide at most pharmacies and this particular brand is street ahead of its competitors with new age technology. It is also almost impossible to beat in price since the 500ml unit is enough for a whole 1-2 months. Try and beat that. And then we are not even mentioning all the other benefits making this a supreme product.

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