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It’s ALWAYS About Your Gut

It’s ALWAYS about your gut. Mind your gut TODAY to avoid trouble TOMORROW!!

Gut health plays a major role in overall health and to optimise your gut should be your no 1 priority! Some tips from the Imsyser team to assist in maximising on this as you optimise your Gut healthy to ultimately and indirectly optimise your own Immunity:

  • Minimise use of antibiotics, sedatives, meds or any chronic meds, choosing alternative plant types in the first place. God chose PLANTS not meds.
  • Daily use of Probiotics. Not only for gut health but all health and weight management issues.
  • Increase intake of foods that support good gut flora, such as prebiotic-rich foods like dandelion and raw Jerusalem artichoke. The Imsyser 12 strain probiotic is well supported by these in case your intake is minimal.
  • Fibre up daily. Fiber-rich foods include legumes, leafy and cruciferous greens, and nuts and seeds. Besides steadying insulin levels, fibre helps feed good gut flora counts high. And if this is not possible or difficult to do use a daily bulking agent such as the Imsyser Intestinal Cleanse to assist in this behaviour WITHOUT any resultant ‘lazy-gut-syndrome’.
  • Support your body’s natural detoxification system. Imsyser the 100% Natural product range was designed to do exactly this, not only at gut level but at cellular level too.
  • Do regular seasonal detoxes to cleanse all the bulked up old making way for the fresh new seasonal foods and habits. Once again Imsyser to the rescue!!
  • Eliminate waste and sweating regularly via exercise or saunas. Your cells are always detoxifying, and a great way to help that process is by increasing your oxygen uptake.
  • Eat a whole foods diet, green as possible and if not supplement with a wholefood product such as the Imsyser Immune support tablets.
  • No Sugar at all. This includes all diet foods and drinks.
  • Minimise intake of preservatives and additives. When you read labels, you’ll find hidden and sugars and salts in so many foods.
  • Drink plenty of GOOD water daily – anything up to 2L with a good supply of lemon juice to assist balancing pH levels.
  • Rest well. Sleep enough.
  • Forgive often and all good thoughts will automatically resolve in healthy gut functioning and for that matter the opposite is also true. These 2 factors are directly related. Emotional health = gut health and the other way around!
  • Get out! Breathe good air and take in some natural sunlight every day.

It is not one of these factors but all of these in a well-balanced equation that culminates in overall balance and improves health of ALL facets. You ARE what you THINK and you ARE what you THINK!!

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