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Modern Day Toxicity Under The Spotlight!

Modern day toxicity under the spotlight!

A toxin can be defined as any foreign substance that can cause a disease, and it important to keep this in mind because we are being bombarded day in and day out in every imaginable form. Unless you live in an antiseptic bubble, you literally cannot avoid them. Thankfully, God has gifted our bodies with an effective system to ward off much of the harm, but it is important to learn how to assist the body best in dealing with this as any overload to your Immune System will eventually lead to most of your auto-immune conditions and diseases.

Your body was designed by God to remove toxins via the best ‘observation system’, your Immune system, and thereby deal with any intruders.

In a healthy body where the immune and detoxification systems are functioning at full capacity, most experts agree that normal toxic exposures are eliminated.

Unfortunately, human civilisation has created an environment (the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and all ‘brain input’ from every imaginable source) where our bodies are not able to remove all the toxins we are exposed to and that’s really the problem. Thankfully, there are things that we can do to enhance our natural detoxification system.

Imsyser Health to the rescue. Our product range as part of a gentle cellular and gut detox system were designed to support optimal gut and Immune functioning from a 100% natural perspective. It’s not what we do but more how we do that makes our products completely unique, safe and affordable.

Imsyser Health Products is dedicated to the process of achieving ‘BALANCE” by means of a simple 3-step, 3- product kit designed to assist in not only ‘dis-ease’ prevention but a process of obtaining optimal Immune and Gut Health by assisting in the process of achieving HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE so that the body may assist ITSELF in maintaining GOOD health in all its functionalities. It’s that simple.

A simple liver cleanse is available for FREE online at A parasite cleanse is also available as well as a kidney flush putting all systems in good shape for the next few months. Simple. Easy to use. 100% Natural!

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