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Modern Day Immune Compromised Disease

Modern day Immune Compromised Disease

Infections are usually fought off by the Immune System but in chronic (ongoing) infections your Immune System becomes compromised (auto-immune state) since it was NOT designed to be on the defensive continually, day in and day out. Chronic infections are most commonly caused by viruses, pathogens, fungi and as mentioned ongoing acute (temporary) going into chronic bacterial infections, like urinary tract infections, and bladder infections. The most common form of fungal infection is Candida, however, hidden fungus within the body can lead to a range of problems, including headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue.

The best treatment for any chronic infections is to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices, strengthening your Immune System and ensuring the proper balance of bacteria and flora within your body can help you to fight off the chances of infection. It’s that simple! It’s all in the gut for starters from the toxic overload perspective and then of course from the gut and Immune support perspective.

And for this we have the best, most unique product range to combat disease in all its shapes and forms.

It is NOT merely enough to deal with the symptom as has been done through the years, medication after medication merely leading to yet more symptoms. Minimise your symptoms and reduce the extent of your discomfort in acute cases is acceptable but in most modern cases we are mostly dealing with chronic lifestyle issues = auto-immune conditions. Imsyser to the rescue!!

At the root of most of these modern-day conditions lies Viruses, Fungi causing Candida overgrowth and most importantly Parasites. Parasites are not the ‘dirty’ word we have created by perception but, in reality, one of the main offenders in the dis-ease spectrum.

The WHO suggests that the prevention of chronic diseases and infections can largely be linked to careful lifestyle choices. For instance, people who are obese are generally more likely to suffer from chronic illness because of an unhealthy body environment. Their internal system may not be correctly equipped to fight off infection, but might allow for fungi overgrowth by providing a home for excess fats, sugars, and more. Similarly, people with diabetes are generally more likely to suffer from fungal infections – particularly when they cannot keep their insulin levels under control.

If you’re not currently experiencing any symptoms of chronic infection, your best bet is to begin with some damage control. Support your Immune System by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress as much as possible. This is where a unique multi vitamin product has to, not only effectively support optimal nutrition (wholefood source), but also unlike most multi vitamins be able to assist with a gentle cellular detox. The Imsyser Immune Support Tablet is very unique in this function.

One of the most important ways to enhance your body’s defences is by healing your gut with careful dietary choices – remember that healthy gut flora can help to strengthen your Immune System. Healing your gut and ensuring a good gut flora balance means eating a healthy diet that is free from inflammatory substances like grains, and avoiding chronic stress.

To heal the gut you need to get all the old, toxic waste out – Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse to the rescue!

To support optimal gut health – Imsyser 12 Strain Liquid Probiotic to the rescue!

To support Immune Health – Imsyser Immune Support Tablets to the rescue!

It’s crucial to make sure that you’re also getting enough nutrients in your system to support your body’s natural defences. It is all about what you eat, how you treat your gut and ultimately how you support your Immunity. That simple.

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