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8 laws of Health

8 laws of Health NEWSTART the easy way to remember

8 laws of Health. Many might have heard of these 8 laws (NEWSTART the easy way to remember) but now more than ever when everyone is looking for an affordable easy to follow lifestyle to follow too keep any metabolic syndrome at bay and more specifically looking at COVID-19 and Cancer, the 2 big C’s can largely be prevented. The virus is out there! No denying but the healthiest of Immune systems, void of toxicity, still remains core to ultimate health and disease prevention.

What are the 8?


Making sure we are having the necessary levels of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins, fibre. Mother Nature, Gods Pharmacy is your first choice.  Let food be your medicine and if you are not sure that that is enough, quite frankly usually isn’t, optimise with your very best food source wholefood Imsyser Immune support tabs:


 Studies have shown that exercise greatly boosts the Immune System and reduces cancer risk. Exercising also has the ability to modulate hormonal mechanisms. Serotonin production improves and so doing your feel good in these compromised times. Also exercise improves circulation which is proving core to health management pre- and during COVID-19. If not optimise circulation with the Imsyser Chaya range:


Water flushes out toxins and wastes from our body, enabling proper cell function, and supporting DNA structure. GOOD LIVING WATER. Remember your brain is 90% water so the quality of water is crucial for optimal brain functioning which quite simply also equates to healthier thoughts. And remember no toxins = no disease so flush out well all day from within the cell with the help of your Imsyser tabs:


Having sunlight in moderate amounts is healthful and may even be beneficial in cancer prevention. Sunlight is crucial in the production of Vitamin D in the body, which helps prevent certain types of cancers. Vit D is core too disease management and especially in the COVID-19 Pandemic seem as highly preventative. Once again Mother nature dos supply but also need healthy good microbiome in the gut too do this change into Vit D so using the Imsyser 12 Probiotic is core in this time (gargle and then swallow especially during this Pandemic):


It’s important to remember, “total abstinence from substances that are harmful and moderate use of substances that are helpful.” Too much of even healthy substances can cause disease such as the following: protein, sunlight, sugar, fat. If the body does not recognise it as organically good it is seem as a toxin please remember this.


Avoiding breathing contaminated air (smoking) helps prevent the development of lung cancer.


Having the necessary amount of 7-8 hrs of sleep is important in maintaining a healthy Immune System. More important than how long you sleep is how well you sleep to obtain physical and mental rejuvenation. Quality sleep is significantly improved by going to bed before midnight. It is stated that 2 hrs before midnight equals 4 hrs after midnight.


Excess and unrelieved stress can cause our body to weaken and become susceptible to disease. Sometimes, we are faced with unfavourable circumstances and situations that cannot be controlled. Instead of allowing ourselves to worry ourselves sick, placing our trust in God to take care of the situation would spare us from needless stress.

DR Bruce Lipton

Lastly, you may have heard the saying, “cancer is in the genes and there’s nothing that can be done about it.” NO NO NO…. DR Bruce Lipton says we are NOT governed by our genes. In reality, faulty genes are what loads the gun, but lifestyle is what really pulls the trigger! Your choice!

But so it is for any disease or virus; you are only as good as your Immunity is and of course your Immunity is only as good as your gut health and that includes you’re your toxic load. When in doubt work back to the root cause even it means going all the way back to parasite cleanses, liver flushes, intestinal cleanses and heavy metal detoxes to reset the internal balance. It is all about balance:

We have the solutions whether you start slow or decide to “go for the kill” and help you body help itself; simply call us 086 010 3859 or click here:

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