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Consortia Technology, The Imsyser Probiotics Difference


That is our superior advantage!!

In nature, microorganisms never exist in isolation, a ‘pure culture’, trillions of it in one product. Many of the most popular probiotics are developed using this ‘pure culture method’. If you are lucky you might actually have up to 4 or slightly more strains in one product.

 Through the manufacturers  ‘proprietary consortia culturing process’, the microorganisms become a small, healthy, living  ecosystem. Each Strain develops while interacting with other strains, slowly brewed as a fermented product over a 4 – 6 week brewing process much similar to wine making. All processes are carefully time and temperature monitored for best quality product that man has yet produced here in South Africa.

 The result is a more effective product mimicking healthy human gut activity. A microbial treatment more representative of how nature works producing instant results for most diseased states originating from most imbalances of this nature. A product more resilient to the most extreme symptoms, shelf stable and ready for use without any refrigeration needed.

 A product designed to optimise and support natural gut health in a 500ML CONTAINER enough for the whole family all ages to use daily.

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