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Gut health, Digestion and much much more …

Gut health, Digestion and much much more…

We all know that in reality digestion (or at least the first part thereof) starts in the mouth with the chewing process. What is very seldom mentioned is the fact that the oral microme also need to be in balance as does the rest of the gut’s microme and this is where Imsysers’ probiotic is streets ahead of its competitors.

Imsyser being a liquid blend, it is quite simple to understand, that as the liquid touches the lips all the necessary balancing and re-establishing of microme and good bacteria starts. At this point even the good brain functioning (also fully dependent on healthy gut functioning) assists in good enzyme release specific to the food being eaten as part of the digestion process.

So too right at the end of the digestive tract very seldom does any of the present day probiotics ‘touch sides’. The very ‘good bacteria’ that are needed in these different areas, as opposed to the normal colon part of the digestive tract, are only present liquid live form as opposed to those supposedly available in the tablet source of the probiotics presently in the market.

You see it’s not about the millions or for that matter the trillions of 1 -4 strains of good bacteria (if you are lucky there might be 9 strains) but the bio-availability of all of them living in symbiosis with each other supporting all function as mimicked in the gut. That is the real trick. And of course we are not mentioning the fact that these need to be kept alive past the stomach pH or be fully ‘dissolvable’ as in tablet form by the time it reaches the rest of the digestive tract!!

Your stomach is your first chance at proper digestion and potential assistance of absorption and once again the Imsyser probiotic stand out amongst its competitors as the natural digestive enzymes present this Imsyser liquid cocktail, assist at this level .

Since your stomach is your largest digestive organ, you need a lot of the right digestive juices, like bile, to break down the proteins and fats you eat. This turns them into a liquid called “chyme” (rhymes with “lime”). Bile is the yellow-green liquid that your liver excretes, and which is then stored in your pancreas, so it’s ready anytime you need to digest foods. But without enough bile and digestive juices, you can’t process your food properly. The result is undigested, lumpy bits of food that get pushed through, instead of a smooth liquid, as it should be. This is of course facilitated by good liver functioning.

And then finally the colon. This is where everything else happens – as the saying goes all health starts in the gut. Knowing this this part of the equation needs very little discussion until we get to the lowest end of the tract where once again very few probiotics match the good bacteria present in the Imsyser liquid product – these naturally exiting good bacteria have literally become extinct with all of modern-day pollution and antibiotic abuse, AND cannot be dried -freezed to go in tablet or capsule form.

So you see, the Imsyser product stands out amongst its competitors for so many reasons. Call us 086 010 3859 or simply click here to view more:


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