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All Health Starts In The Gut – Your First Line Of Defence

ALL health starts in the gut.

Is this not the place YOUR doctor should be helping you as the FIRST line of defence?

Doctors don’t tell you that TOXINS and rotting FECAL MATTER can leak out of your colon walls and seep into your bloodstream. When this toxic mess enters your bloodstream, it can poison your cells, tissues, blood and organs.

To put it quite simply, improperly digested food slowly ROTS as it moves through your body. It turns into PUTREFYING CLUMPS of waste, similar to rotting ground beef that’s been left un-refrigerated for 2 days. This putrefaction triggers gas, diarrhoea and other foul reactions. These clumps can actually WEDGE themselves into the folds and crevices of your colon walls, making you constipated and crampy.

Your gut then becomes the perfect FEEDING and BREEDING GROUND for parasites, bad bacteria and disease micro-organisms that can ruin your health.

The Imsyser products more specifically the deep intestinal cleanse was designed specifically for this purpose. We also have an amazing parasite cleanse that will assist in ridding your body naturally yet gently of all your toxic debris doing more harm that any good as impacted in your colon walls.

If you visit the Youtube website under the Imsyser name you will find enough evidence but also proof of how ALL disease starts here.

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