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The body is a complex, integrated, bio-system and only just recently have modern day scientists worked out how all the bio-parts are literally interconnected and totally co-dependent on each other. We also know that it’s impossible to understand a part without viewing the whole and therefore treatment has should be established as a whole, for the same reasoning!

The latest big topic is ‘the gut–heart connection’ but the reality there is so much more at play in this equation. We are classically designed with 3 functional ‘brains: the one we know, the one in the heart and then the one in the gut. The gut brain is the one we here at Imsyser are particularly interested in because this is exactly where our products come into play and they do this just so well, in a modern-day society where toxic overload is the name of the game.

Heart disease is still the highest killer in the world despite the invention statins and of course many years of teachings on how to achieve longevity through various food exchanges for the “old”. And as we well know still till today they seem to change their minds regularly on what is or isn’t healthy, according to the latest scientific tests!!!

What we also know is that if that drugs have been around for such a long time and, although in some health cases are needed, there are even more that shouldn’t be prescribed as a matter of course. They destroy, they maim and worse, they develop levels of psychological dependency that is not only shocking but totally destructive to Body, Mind and Spirit. These very drugs very seldom address the real underlying causes most disease; we’re just simply learning to suppress symptoms upon more symptoms with drugs upon more drugs. And then of course, our medical aids pay for this privilege.

Modern day drugs did have their origin in plants and this is the way it should have stayed to a lesser or larger extent but as we know it hasn’t. And, of course, the real reason behind the problem is always lifestyle issues!! Classically still today in most addressing of Cancer issues and treatments, the very reason behind the disease is NOT addressed – lifestyle i.e. – usually DIET!!

BUT getting to the route of the problem means getting to the gut of it all, literally and figuratively. ALL happens in the gut – there are literally also almost twice as many ‘brain cells’ in the gut as in the brain itself. Your gut also houses more than 80% OF YOUR Immunity. AND WE HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION AS THIS IS THE MODERN-DAY WEAKNESS TO OUR HEALTH!!

All health or rather all disease start in the gut and then of course it depends which angle you are looking at the modern-day solution to your health.

If all answers lie in the gut – your Immunity can be salvaged. And as we know this is the no 1 DEFENCE system God gave the body to deal with almost all forms of attack on and within the body, well why are we not questioning our doctors on the ‘classic treatments’ they prescribe as a rule?

If the answer lies in the gut – your brain functions, your emotions and much more is at risk of potential compromise!!

We here at Imsyser know and understand the equations and have 3 incredible products designed to solving this modern-day dilemma:

  1. Clean the colon. A crucial first step with preferable a good parasite and liver flush included as the treatment program.
  2. Stabilise internal functioning of the gut with the best 12-strain, uniquely designed, liquid probiotic in the market place; and then finally,
  3. Restore and optimise Immunity through not only supplying the core nutrient essentials the body needs to function optimally in a wholefood form but also assist at cellular level to improve the body’s natural ability to detox, DAILY, at cellular level, thereby assisting our Immunity best possible from a gut and from a cellular perspective.

Call Liza today for more on this product ranged designed to HELP you, or simply click here for the fastest introduction to each product with its unique functioning; optimally years ahead of its competitors (if there even are any) in this YOUR HEALTH EQUATION. Life is in the gut – ALWAYS!!!

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