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Why Suffer???? Choose Life …..

WHY SUFFER???? CHOOSE LIFE……. If you treat ONLY the symptoms, disease will ALWAYS remain present!!
If you treat the CAUSE disease will fade away ……

Due to our ‘destroyed’ environment resultant from  poor water, poor diet, stress, junk food & bad habits our lifestyle has deteriorated and we suffer disease. Our intestinal tract becomes infected and a hardened thick mucus layer (mucoidal plaque) develops along the intestinal tract preventing good nutrition from being absorbed into the body through the intestinal wall and prevents excretion of the toxic waste products out of the body through the intestinal wall. The liver takes strain and eventually the immune system folds under the pressure either becoming inactive or over-active (auto-immune diseases).

Then our bodies become acidic (pH below 6.5) and dis-ease sets in…. so the body ‘steals’ its minerals from the bones, joints, muscles & skin and ageing results (metabolic bone disease). Where there is an imbalance in the mineral levels, the bacterial balance is disturbed and chronic inflammation results and from there disease or imbalances.



  1. CLEANSE  the whole intestine gently without disturbing the good bacteria (runny stomachs strip the intestines of good bacteria leaving you weak and your immune system strained).
  2. REPLACE  the good bacteria naturally and then …
  3. BOOST & STABILISE  the immune system with ALL the ESSENTIAL Minerals, Amino Acids, Vitamins & Omega  3, 6 & 9.

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