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Alarming Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Trouble. Don’t Ignore Them!


The kidneys have a very important function in the body. They make sure that the body functions properly what makes them one of the most important organs in the organism.  The kidneys filter the blood. Daily they filter blood, eliminating the waste and the extra fluids ensuring the stability of the blood.

It`s crucial that the kidneys function properly and the electrolyte levels to be stable in order to produce red blood cells, to regulate the blood pressure and to keep the bones strong . If the kidneys don’t function as they supposed to then your entire health is at risk.

For you to be able to act immediately as soon as you notice something isn`t right and to treat it you need to know the main symptoms of kidney diseases.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS OF KIDNEY DAMAGE Swelling – Unexpected swelling is maybe the first sign of kidney problems. If your ankles, legs, hands or feet are swollen it`s a sign of the incapacity of the kidneys to eliminate the execs fluids in the body.

Urination changes – There are some changes that you need to be aware of because they can be symptoms of kidney failure. These include pressure during urination, dark colored urine, difficulty urinating, pale urine, blood in the urine, bubbly urine and nighttime urination.

Rashes – When there is a lot of accumulated waste in the body that hasn’t been eliminated in the kidneys the skin becomes irritated and the person can experience itching and rashes. This can be a sigh of kidney failure. For the rashes you can use ointments but it will reappear until the kidney disorder is not cured.

Fatigue – When the kidneys are healthy and function properly they produce the hormone EPO which is in charge of the red blood cells production. When the kidneys are not functioning well the levels of the red blood cells are reduced and the transfer of oxygen is reduced also. Because of the lower level of oxygen the muscles and brain becomes tired. This condition leads to anaemia.

Shortness of breath – This problem can occur because of the small number of red blood cells produced which leads to drooping of the levels of oxygen. Shortness of breath can occur because of the incapacity of the kidneys to eliminate the surplus of fluids.

Metallic taste in the mouth – When the waste accumulates in the body this symptom can occur.

Pain – Another symptom of kidney problems is the pain that can occur in the area of the kidneys or upper back. Spasms and strong pain in these areas is indicator of kidney infections or kidney stones.

Dizziness and difficulty concentrating – When there is a kidney disorder the number of red blood cells, which transfer the oxygen, gets lower and the brain doesn’t get the amount of oxygen that is needed for it to function properly. In this case a lot of problems can occur like dizziness, difficulty concentrating and even memory loss.

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