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It’s Time To Meet The Family – Family Health

Over the last 10 years I have been bumping into questions like these over and over again:

How do you manage to raise such healthy kids?

If your children  has not been vaccinated and never used anti-biotics or flu injections, how do they overcome disease once they fall ill? How did they survive chicken pox or measles or bronchitis without any medicine?

Surely you don’t only use Nucleo? What else do you do?

Ok so I decided to address these questions and introduce you to my family and our story…

I call it our Family Health Secrets where I share a number of health habits we have established over the years…
Which enabled us to enjoy yet another disease free winter, this year.

Many of you guys are already living “medicine free” lifestyles, but if you are interested in what we are doing, have a look at my video here and join our “Family Health Secrets”.

Here’s to priceless health,
Jacques aka the Medicine Free Milkshake Man

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