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Saliva Traps Harmful Bacteria

Study: Saliva Traps Harmful Bacteria  By Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs

A new study reveals that mucus in your saliva traps harmful bacteria and fungi in what researchers call “nets,” keeping them from getting into your body. That’s why it’s so important to keep your mouth moist, producing sufficient saliva. It keeps your microbiome in there balanced, happy, and healthy.

What can interfere with sufficient saliva? Many medications, including antidepressants, drugs for nerve pain and anxiety, some antihistamines, decongestants, muscle relaxants, and pain medications.

It also might happen because of an autoimmune condition called Sjogren’s syndrome or HIV/AIDS.

One of the other ways of ensuring optimal Microbial activity in the mouth and saliva, is by taking a daily dose of Probiotics ( which we all need daily anyway, including new borns and babies!!). The probiotics starts working effectively to eliminate bad bacteria as soon as it gets to your mouth.  From the mouth, , all the way down to your gut. Imsyser is one of few probiotics in a liquid form, does NOT have to be refrigerated ( probably the only one of its type), is in a 500 ml bottle therefore good for the whole family for a long while ( also making it completely unique since once opened can lasts up to 2 months) and uniquely designed in its product development. Far superior to any Pre- & Pro-biotic in the market place. This unique cocktail also has added digestive enzymes to assist in most digestive processes and of course balancing of microbes not only in the mouth all the way through to the end of the digestive tract.

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