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Emphasising The Importance Of The Effects Of Weight Control

Once again Imsyser is emphasising the importance of the effects of weight control and inflammatory responses in the body. We all know these inflammatory responses are the precursors to all ‘dis-ease’, so the obvious would be to attempt to reduce these risks at all costs. No amount of money can replace your health or the loss thereof. Weight or fat is not seen in the same light as our earlier ‘hunter days’ where it was seen as a source of energy for the ‘lean days’.  Weight/Fat has, however, due to chronic exposure to pollution and toxic overload, now become the breading zone for most disease instigators. When weight (fat)becomes an issue, the body will respond by producing a number of inflammatory messengers which in themselves trigger ‘dis-ease’. Fat contains a large amount of the toxic overload(toxins) existing in the body and so too a large amount of the white blood cells(macrophages/immune fighters) required to do the war against these intruders ( as much as 60 % of these are in fat cells).

There are 3 inflammatory messengers: c-reactive proteins, interleukin-6 &  tumour necrosis factor-alpha. We won’t go into detail regarding these messengers but when present are sure warning of pending ‘dis-ease’. An interesting point to note however is the fact that these levels are hugely reduced in those doing a regular form of exercise! This proves that exercise is not  only good in actually assisting in weight control but thereby also ‘dis-ease’ control by controlling these inflammatory numbers. Remember it always remains a fine balance between what you ‘put in’ as to what you are “putting out”  – it is really that simple. And of course, as is regularly confirmed, it is about the ‘what you put’ in that determines everything; otherwise we would not be in this position in the first place!!.

So count the calories and if unsure ‘go green’!!! There is enough carbohydrates and sugars in the greens AND they produce the ultimate ‘cleaning’ agent that assist in cleansing the gut – FIBRE!!! Remember you are only as healthy as your gut health is. (If unsure assist this cleansing with the ultimate IMSYSER Deep Intestinal Cleanse on a daily basis until results are achieved. And…your daily probiotic supplementation will assist in creating this balance required to assist in weight loss. For these purposes no better product that the IMSYSER 12 STRAIN liquid PRE & PROBIOTIC can be advised that not only lasts 2months, once opened, but also does not have to be refrigerated and is good for the whole family).

Another important fact to note is that when weight is distributed mostly around the abdomen , this is when the most damage might be noted – i.e. weight around the organs (fat traps toxins) and more specifically right next to your liver. The liver is an excretory organ and with excess weight, the result is more inflammatory messengers are released by the liver in response to this situation, aggravating the problem. In other words double trouble!!

So it is not just about the weight; it is really about avoiding ‘dis-ease’ at the end of the day. We are NOT governed by our genes and should not be the result of such either. Start afresh. Start now. And leave a generational health legacy. You are worth it!!

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