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Health & Beauty From The Inside Out

Health & Beauty from the inside out

Beauty that has evolved so dramatically in recent years. There is a new aesthetic in town and it’s health and wellness – no matter your shape or size.

The “beauty industry” has been slowly shape shifting – with social media leading the way and influencing what we think is beautiful and the best ways to achieve it. A phenomenon that has given rise to new tribes and trends as individuals gravitate to the things that turn them on – whether it’s the latest punishing workout, mindful meditation, ingesting super foods, eating organic/clean foods, or seeking the latest (miracle) non-invasive anti-ageing treatment – there’s a virtual cornucopia of ways wellness is remaking the beauty industry.

2016 Analytics on Global Wellness:

In a $3.7 Trillion industry with an expected growth 17% for next 5 years we had better start paying attention! But however it is NOT about the beauty so much looking at the health statistic in these figures:

30 million Auto-Immune sufferers in SA (50 million in USA)!!!

6.1 million Cancer sufferers (9 million in SA)!!

100 recognised Auto-immune diseases and 40 related disease processes!!

And this is but a few stats but a rude reality where we are heading. We are in trouble. And it WILL show in and on our skins and on our shapes and ultimately in our health. Then we become a ‘diseased legacy as opposed to a living legacy.

Imsyser’s role in this picture

Imsyser Health Products is dedicated to this cause and the products specifically designed knowing that All health starts in the gut and ultimately is an Immune discrepancy.

Scientific and medical evidence for the merging of wellness and beauty really stacks up: there’s overwhelming evidence of the positive effects that diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction, to name just a few, can have on our outward appearance. Exercise alone is a beautifier – oxygenating the blood to give skin a healthful glow, and, because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol, exercise has been proven to support the production of collagen, reduce acne and even make your hair healthier, and, of course, there are extensive studies on the connection between gut health and glowing skin, prompting the explosion of probiotics down almost every aisle of the grocery store.

Imsyser has the ultimate product range for all your gut and Immunity needs. Visit us or call 086 010 3859 for more.

When the biggest brands are paying attention to inner health, embracing natural ingredients and committing to sustainability, you had better fall into alignment for the healthier results to be achieved.

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