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Positive VS Negative Stress


STRESS plays a major role on the body but it depends on which stress we are referring to.

Positive stress comes from challenges, growth processes, exciting relations, successful experiences, practising your calling and positive excitement. This one is almost the do good one and does not necessarily have to have a negative effect on the body.

As opposed to this negative stress which does more negative than good to the body. Negative stress as a rule will lead to hyper-activity as a means of dealing with the stress and may be experienced in one of the following ways:

  • Emotional overload
  • The feeling of total lack of control of the direct surroundings
  • A lack of appreciation
  • An unhealthy social environment
  • Conflicts with colleagues
  • A lack of honesty and feelings of injustice
  • Conflict of values and inner priorities
  • Time pressure
  • Financial worries and debts
  • A constant lack of sleep
  • Nicotine, alcohol, and or drug addiction…and so the list continues..

Negative stress is the one that causes burn-out and hugely affects our health. And if you are not careful will and can eventually leave you either totally incapacitated or have an open door to Cancer in your life.

To ensure that neither of these cause any of the effects mentioned it is always advisable to look at the TOTAL body aspect.

It is not merely enough to optimise your Immunity through Nutrition although this is CRUCIAL in the bigger scheme of things. You have to address all aspects of health:

  • Enough exercise DAILY
  • A little sunlight for vit. D DAILY
  • Enough Water DAILY
  • A DAILY probiotic to assist gut health which optimises BRAIN health
  • Enough Rest & Sleep
  • Working at a health temperance …and then actively working at stress management ALL DAY

The Imsyser health team are dedicated to assisting in understanding the greater health aspect and also have an amazing product range to assist in all dis-ease prevention or at least putting health systems in place that allow for a healthy approach. All health is after all invested in good healthy gut functioning and that is where the Immunity is invested and most importantly, your brain health. Brain health = stress management and that is as simple as it gets, when invested in a holistic health programme.

For more n optimising brain health in ALL its facets, do some in depth studies with dr Caroline Leaf. She has some amazing YouTube videos that will truly rock your world.

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