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Parasites – Not Just A Modern Day Dilemma

Parasites not just a modern day Dilemma! It is crucially they are manged.

The World Health Organisation stated that there are over 3.5 billion people that have some level of parasitic infection in the world. Parasites use the nutrients from the body, by feeding off our own bodies, and in that way they can cause damage. This is one of the root causes of Cancer as the body becomes weaker, nutritionally, and since the Immune System is already compromised, the whole system literally crashes and Cancer just takes over. It is often one of the first steps taken towards healing in the case of natural or integrative medicine practices or approaches.

There are many kinds and forms of parasites that live in our organism. The most common place for them to thrive is in the human intestines. They can take your food, and you can feel hungry quickly after eating and you cannot gain weight. Other types of parasites can eat your red blood cells and this can result in anaemia. Parasite on NOT just an “African bush” thing. We all have them!!

10 symptoms of parasite presence in the body:

  • Depression, frequent feeling of apathy, exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Diarrhoea. Parasites usually are situated in the intestines and this can cause numerous abdominal issues obstructing the regularity.
  • Various skin issues: sores, popular lesions, hives, rashes eczema and dry skin.
  • Anxiety and mood issues like restlessness, anxiety, forgetfulness, depression, nervousness and mood swings.
  • Sleeping issues like disturbed sleep, bed wetting, teeth grinding in your sleep and insomnia.
  • Appetite and weight issues like inability to lose or gain weight, constant hunger, loss of appetite, long standing obesity and weight gain.
  • Joint and muscle issues such as heart pain and arthritic pain, pain in navel, numbness of hands and feet, muscle cramping, joint pain and muscle pain.
  • Medical condition of  anaemia.
  • Prostate problems, water retention, menstrual issues, cysts and fibroids, urinary tract infections, PMS and reproductive problems.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is the most frequent symptom of parasite presence. The parasites that are in the intestines usually fix themselves to the walls and this, results in intestine inflammation.

If you want to find out whether you have parasites, test your stools. The best thing to do is to go to a medical specialist and get tested properly in order to find out which type of parasitic infection you are dealing with. This step is advised in really chronic cases.

I simply like to follow the path of least resistance and as the season changes with ‘old’ seasonal foods out of the diet and with all the new changes to the system including the air we breathe, water we drink, seasonal foods changing, and much much more; I take to doing at least a 2 week parasite cleanse, seasonally.

Sugar is Parasite’s food. So avoid using sugar AS ALWAYS if you mean good health for your family or any form of disease prevention.

The best way to eliminate the parasites from your body is to use herbs and foods that will make your body a hostile environment instead of a hospitable one. Parasites do not like papaya, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, pineapple, coconut oil, aloe, raw cabbage, blackberries, ginger and gentian root. So consume these products as much as you can. Most of these herbs can be found in a parasite capsule designed to assist in deworming and ridding the body of parasites.

In order to facilitate the throwing out of the parasites, you need to eat more fibre. And ,of course, this is where the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse works really well as a 7 day detox and if you really mean business with your body then continue in lower dosages just 1 per dose per day as a general fibre up for another 2 weeks and see the wonderful results.

The results to be expected, as always the above mentioned list literally disappears out of your life. Remember to do this regularly as the parasites always have a way of finding their way in our bodies and we are very seldom competely parasite free anyway.

EVERYONE has parasite and worms. Even children.

Parasite are the enemy and so few people see them for the underlying danger they really do cause in so many health cases.

At Imsyser sharing and serving our clientele with knowledge is our business. Don’t stop at just removing the worms; it is NOT enough. If any treatment is advised for less than 2 weeks look for an alternate solution as most of these parasite and worms need as least a 2 week cycle to effectively get rid of them and the hidden eggs or larvae laid. We have seen some scary cases where these worms actually expose themselves on frequency exposure. Not everybody is near to treatments like this but there is nothing wrong with treating the whole family regularly as a matter of precaution with a good natural herb preparation.

Call Imsyser today for more on a good parasite cleanse.

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