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Powdered Greens To The Rescue For Dietary Support

Powdered Greens to the Rescue for dietary support

For most of us life on the run means fast foods and very little greens; powdered greens to the rescue!!

No doubt you’ve probably seen friends, co-workers and celebrities with a tall glass of greens in hand – and with good reason. Powdered “greens” are the easiest way to quickly nourish every system in your body – and help pick up some of the slack if you’re not eating enough greens every day. If you mean health for your body and or busy conquering cancer cells in your body this is one of the only options to real continued success. For the rest of us an answer to constipation issues as this is one of the sure ways for continued bowel movements in is most natural way.

Why green?

What’s in them for you? Enhanced immunity; boosted energy levels; better digestion and, a nice dose of good bacteria for your gut.  We used to get most of our good bacteria from the greens we used to pluck out of the garden when all was ‘well’ in the soil. Now, soil nutritional depletion including bacterial depletion is the thing of the moment and we wonder why we need extra supplementing or at least an extra level of ‘green intake’ for continued good health.

Geva Green Foods to the recue

Powdered “greens” are also full of vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients and other health-enhancing nutrients. Just a scoop a day will deliver the same antioxidant support of three to five servings of fruit and vegetables, so drink up! When buying powdered greens, make sure they’re made with organic fruits, greens and vegetables. Avoid those with fillers and bulking agents, which are often added, but which greatly diminish the nutritional value of the drink.

Simply toss a scoop of powdered greens to your usual morning smoothie, hit blend, and enjoy the healthy benefits all day long. Or if weigh loss is the issue simply add a squeeze of lemon, honey, water and shake up. You have the benefits of the greens without the added bulk that might lead to weight gain. When I do a liquid fast and or want to cut out meals for a few days, I might add the Nucleo meal replacement for the bulking up part of the shake knowing that I am getting the best nutritional liquid intake for the day.

All ages nutrition

This also works amazingly well for the added nutrition needed when high performance is needed with sport s athletes or for that matter children at school or university. As opposed to having to rack your brain thinking of school lunch boxes filled with literally null-nutritional-value foods, an amazing tasty shake to the rescue. Great tasting strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours are available from the Imsyser offices.

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