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Gut Management Is Virtually Undiscussed

Gut management is virtually an undiscussed topic in our culture and Western society. It’s not nice to talk about. Somehow the unspoken idea has crept upon us which implies that the gut will take care of itself. Along with this erroneous belief comes another which implies that anything we may buy in the supermarket or prepare in our kitchen will be received with gratitude by the gastro-intestinal system. All the chemicals used in and on the body—except for the oxygen we breathe and the water we drink—are taken in through mostly our foods and then via our skin through the affiliated excretory organs.

Unfortunately, the selection of poor foods and improper preparation methods as with modern day ‘fast foods and fast lifestyles” often leads to gut problems. Specifically, researchers have shown that regular use of refined carbohydrates and a lack of fibre in the diet increase the transit time of bowel wastes and stimulate production of putrefactive bacteria in the bowel. Both of these factors have been linked not only to gut diseases such as colitis, diverticulosis and cancer but also to chronic disease elsewhere in the body. Fortunately, what medical scientists call the “irritable bowel syndrome” can be prevented or reversed in most cases by following the program described in this book. There are methods, however, such as proper diet, which will lead to the same results but over a longer period of time. Nutrition heals but as a rule of thumb it might take twice as long to restore as it took for any dis-ease to settle into in the first place.

I believe auto-intoxication is currently the number one source of the misery and decay we are witnessing in our society and culture today. Through it comes the host of uncleanliness, with its entourage of imbalance, derangement, perversions, sickness and disease. Auto-intoxication becomes a powerful master over the body, robbing the inhabitant of clear thinking, discrimination, sound judgement, vitality, health, happiness and loved ones. Its rewards are disillusionment, bitterness, disappointment, financial chaos and failure. Overcoming the effects of auto-intoxication can be a long and difficult task. It is much preferred to avoid it in the beginning than to have to struggle with the consequences in later life. I believe in educating not medicating.

We here at Imsyser want to educate, motivate to restore the state of natural balance we used to take for granted all these previous generations. We now have toxic overload in all its hidden forms and sad states affairs as such is being added to our food sources, water sources and more importantly ‘healing herbs & plant sources’ i.e. supplements and meds. There is so very little we can regard as 100 % natural and this is a pitiful state of affairs.

So now we are battling with all these modern day dis-eases and nowhere to go? Well Imsyser health products to the rescue! Visit or simply call 086 010 3859 for more on the health range to assist in toxic waste removal and immune optimisation to make your body the ‘mean machine’ it can be to fight ALL dis-ease naturally!!



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