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Candida the ‘buzz’ word but more scary in reality!

Candida the ‘buzz’ word but a whole lot more scary in reality!!

Candida is the buzz word, and I believe the statistic are only but the start to a whole lot of long-term problems for most people who unconsciously are not thinking cancer -prevention. Is it only about cancer prevention? NO!!! But this is the rude reality and as seen as one of the highest real causes behind cancer. And this is not taking into account the actual fact that this virus is truly hardy, totally destructive and capable of mass destruction throughout the body.

How does A Yeast Infection Occur?

Normally, Candida bacteria live in our intestinal tract, on mucous membranes, and on our skin without any problems. Everyone has Candida bacteria living in and on their bodies. Problems occur when overgrowth of the bacteria begins to happen.  Healthy adults are hardly affected but in babies less than a month old and immune compromised elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, those with Diabetes & chronically sick patients and those battling with Cancer treatments, this is the norm of the day.

Manifestations with babies are usually first noticed orally. Those white patchy bit on the oral mucosa. With babies we always advise precautionary steps from the ‘mother to be’ by taking a daily probiotic ( see for more on this monthly supply at truly affordable prices). And then of course starting early with daily probiotic to prevent and treat this condition in their new-born babies.

With adults Candida is more stubborn a condition as it is part of a lifestyle condition which is years in the coming and no instant quick fix helps. However basics like adjusting lifestyle to more alkaline diets and daily probiotics is an ABSOLUTE necessity for starters and then, of course, treatments to literally try and kill of this virus, the next best step. Oral manifestations are usually the first indicators but others may be ‘felt’ long before such is noticed.

Vaginal yeast infections affect three out of every four women, though it can occur in men as well. It often appears as an itchy, burning rash on and around the genitals, and can sometimes include a “cottage cheese-like” vaginal discharge in women. Pregnancy, long-term antibiotic use, and diabetes can all increase your chance of developing a yeast infection. On the flip side, wearing cotton underwear, immediately changing out of wet/damp clothing and swim suits, and using probiotics may help prevent these infections. Even young children with bad lifestyles diets may also be affected at an early age and often as a result of this condition not being noticed as a baby.

Invasive Candida

 Invasive candida infections typically occur in hospital settings and infect the bloodstream, eventually travelling to other organs of the body and can potentially have fatal results. People at highest risk are immune compromised patients in hospitals, those undergoing surgeries, diabetics, and those who have taken broad-spectrum antibiotics. Preventing these infections in high-risk patients is done through the use of anti-fungals, as well as extreme care in keeping hands clean, including patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors, to prevent spreading of bacteria on the skin.

Candida Auris is the newest form of invasive candida infections. Candida Auris doesn’t cause thrush, but instead causes bloodstream, wound, or ear infections. Most concerning is some strains of this bacteria are resistant to all three major classes of anti-fungal drugs, and persists on surfaces in hospitals and health care environments, spreading easily between patients.

The real truth??

This is what the doctors will tell you but so often the real truth is avoided. It is a lifestyle disease!!! And, in fact, it is solely and immune compromised condition aggravated by modern day medicines, antibiotic resistance being the greatest threat. In other words literally an auto-immune condition, those that everyone knows about but no one seems to have a solution to!! The overuse and misuse of antibiotics by both health care providers and patients has resulted in this virus becoming resistant to most antibacterial and anti-fungal drugs currently available.

Imsyser has amazing products designed to assist with a Candida cleanse but cannot be taken by young children. We are, however, advocates of lifestyle changes for starters. No antibiotics unless really needed. Taking natural antibiotics to allow a slow break down of the condition internally with small daily dosages of colloidal silver and better known organic honey as the preferred sweeteners. A warning however, as with Cancer, Candida likes to feed on sugars. NO SUGAR is best!

Assist the body’s natural defences with the amazing Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablet daily allows a gentle cellular detox  optimising Immunity, use the Imsyser Probiotic daily and seasonally do a deep intestinal cleans to assist in the breakdown of hardened crusty toxic gut layers s that might still harbour these ‘baddies’. Visit or simply click here for more on these products:

Imsyser to the rescue always. Call 086 010 3859 for more on health tips and product info.

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