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The Value Of Natural Digestive Enzymes

Sharing an informative letter on the value of Natural Digestive Enzymes. As we have often shared we here at Imsyser are dedicated not to just serving our health community with amazing unique products but also as a service on health education, upliftment and much, much more. We are all unknowingly so co-dependent on each other for ‘information’ and since Biblically speaking we are ‘dying’ as a result of the lack of knowledge; well I rest my case – we NEED each other and should help each other on this our health journey.


Why do we do this sharing?

We are intentionally trying to go back to basics – leaving a ‘living legacy ‘for our children when the world knowingly pollutes our foods, minds and eco systems rendering us sick, diseased and terribly fragile. And enzymes is one of the ‘what should be’ naturally occurring ‘missing links’ oour children are sick and disease statistic are crazy.

The solution?

Luckily for us Imsyser Health Products has the missing link in our amazing, unique, 100% Natural 12 STRAIN liquid Microbial Stabiliser.



“Hi Dianne,


When it comes to digestion, you probably think that just eating healthy food and letting nature take its course is enough.

But it’s a little more complex than that.

You see, the secret to living a longer, healthier life lies in how your body is able to process what you eat.

I recently did an interview with Dr. Daniel Nuzum in which he explains the importance of enzymes.

We’ve all heard about about enzymes but do you really understand how they work and how they affect your digestion?

All of us are born with these little “life forces” and some of us have more than others meaning, you must find a way to increase the amount you have.

If you’re suffering from things like allergies, inflammation or an overall uncomfortable feeling after you eat, I strongly encourage you to check out this interview and learn how you can possibly reverse these symptoms.

Enjoy 🙂

Ty Bollinger” …..and healthy happy living from the Imsyser team

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