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The Importance of A Good Probiotic

We are ALL young and old looking for natural organic solutions to improve our health.  A healthy environment (gut health) promotes a healthy life for all. A good probiotic is needed

In today’s world, staying healthy has become expensive as the price of organic fresh produce and meat is high. Organic food is better as no antibiotics are used in the animal produce and no pesticides or chemicals are used on the crops and in the compost. These chemical substances are all linked to causing big health problems for the consumer. So what can we do to protect our family from these harmful chemicals and save money without having to buy organic? Using probiotics, of course!

Imsyser To The Rescue

Taking Probiotics will go a long way in eliminating the harmful effects of the toxins we put into our bodies every day.  Prior to the industrial revolution humans would get all the natural bacteria they needed from the vegetables and meats that they ate. Today, chemical farming and the use of pesticides have depleted the natural bacteria from the soils to a huge extent, limiting the bacteria we get through our foods. Without these bacteria, the body cannot function optimally, dis-ease resistance is lowered and one cannot correctly use the nutrition from food. To make matters worse, use of antibiotics can virtually eradicate the good bacteria in your gut. Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser, 12 STRAIN Pre-&Probiotic liquid is a unique combination of effective beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes that enables your body to function to its full potential.

This product is an effective natural solution that re-populates the gut with beneficial microbes (beneficial bacteria).  The presence of these microbes discourages candida, fungus and harmful bacteria from taking root.

When it comes to gut issues this is your product. Totally unique in the industry and it works almost instantly in most digestive discrepancies!

This is also an even great solution to a growing problem a little higher up in the body and that is controlling bad breathe.  Bacteria on the tongue is the leading cause of bad breath. Sometimes it is the food we eat, medications we take or quite simply not having an effective oral routine. Cleansing your tongue with your toothbrush/tongue scraper will help and flossing of course is crucial for good oral health. But just sometime a little more is needed. Imsyser Probiotics to the rescue!!

Diet And Bad Breath

Diet of course is as crucial as the ‘smell ‘ often comes from much deeper. When you cut out carbs and boost the amount of protein you eat, your body starts burning fat for energy. That process makes compounds called ketones, which cause bad breath. In this case, better dental hygiene won’t solve the problem, since that’s not the root cause.  Even ulcers itself might be the problem. But a type of bacteria that causes ulcers, Helicobacter pylori, can also trigger bad breath, according to a study in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. Treating the bacteria may get rid of the stink. Avoid sugars at all costs!! If bad breathe is a problem watch out – bacteria really love sugars!!


Tonsils are classically an issue when we relate to children but once again Probiotics might also be considered. I have found that children taking a daily dose of probiotics are far less prone to this and I only have to look close to home with the grandchildren to see and notice a massive difference in this issue when daily probiotics are taken.


Heartburn is often associated with bad breath but once again I have noticed great shifts in this regard with a daily dose of probiotics. Also always check for debris in the mouth or trapped in broken teeth or deep periodontal pockets.

Oral health

These can trap food particles and breed bacteria, resulting in cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Ill-fitting dentures can cause the same problems. All the more reason to schedule regular dentist appointments. In the most recent of cases studies, dentists have proven incredible results in the fight of periodontal disease – good old fashioned gum disease- when taking a daily dose of probiotics. I always tell these patients take a tot of the Probiotic, swirl around the mouth for effective distribution and then only ‘swallow’. The results speak for themselves when using the Imsyser probiotic.

We could carry on about the advantages of taking daily probiotic but in a nut-shell it boils down to effective, healthy gut management within in a healthy living routine or lifestyle. You are the master of this! Take precaution today and see not only the health of ‘older’ but of your children improve drastically.

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